Getting new icons for your homescreen is always a joyous experience, especially when the set is nicely created and there are enough icons themed. Those were my first thoughts after installing the new set Debut by dgdesigns (aka. Dustin Garwood). Debut is a colorful icon set with black accents that really show off your homescreen's full display.

Debut is Garwood's first set, which is why he titled it as such, and with it he really started off strong by providing over 1000 themed icons. The icons have a full, solid-coloured base layer, wrapped in a squared icon with round edges -- edges, not corners. In the center of the base is where you will see the image that the app is based off of but the image will be solid black. Coming from the centered image is a 4-o'clock long shadow, very tastefully done. The non-themed icons are still on a solid base, but you see the normal icon image centered and in a black square. Even these look very close to the themed icons, which is a very good thing for your device's homescreen.

The next thing to take a gander at are the walls associated with this set. Thankfully you get 24 walls to go with the set, yet they are all of the same variety, colored patterns. Which is not a bad thing, they go with the icons -- I thought monochromatic images also contrasted nicely against the colorful set. The walls are cloud hosted so they won't count against the app size. You won't have to update the app just to get more walls, of which Garwood said more would be coming.

Next up is the app's interface which is very well made. As you first open the app, you are presented in the home tab, which shows off some icons, welcomes you, and shows you how to navigate. On the left slide-out navigation drawer you are presented with more tabs: Apply, Wallpaper, Icons, Request Icons, and Help. Garwood has done something incredibly well and has given Debut native support for 16 alternative launchers, including Lucid Launcher, TSF Shell, and Inspire Launcher. It's also easy to request icons that have yet to be themed. In the right navigation drawer you're presented with options that pertain more so to the designer and the app: Contact, About App, Settings, Rate Theme, More Themes, and Comments. In the settings you can do things such as clear the app's cache and change the app's theme (not that you'll be going into it all that much). The comments tab shows you what people are saying about the theme on Google+.

Garwood has also confirmed to me that he is expecting to keep a bi-weekly update schedule which should provide ample time for more icons and more features. One of the upcoming features he is working on is providing UCCW/Zooper widgets to accompany this set of icons, although through a companion app. This should be easy and interesting thanks to his already prominent widget-creating background.

Debut is ready for you to download from the Play Store, priced at $1.99. This icon set is worth every penny so I encourage you to go and download it. Then feel free to show us your Debut-ized homescreens over on our social outlets.

The Debut icon pack is available for $1.99 in the Play Store.

The Debut icon pack is available for $1.99 in the Play​