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I'm only port to maguro.

Is a port from original rom no have base maguro only changes for use GSM networks

This ROM is Android Kitkat 4.4.2, build KOT49H. The ROM is built directly from source, that is, the Android source code published by Google available for download to all of us developers. The reason I say the ROM is "OTA-like" is because I make VERY few modifications to it, aside from the things that it takes to get the ROM working. I'll go into detail about those things below, but basically I just want the ROM to make your phone feel stable and shiny and new as if it has just received a new OTA update. That being said, it's clear that the landscape of Nexus devices is changing as new ones are released. Therefore, the other primary goal of this ROM is to keep our Galaxy Nexus as close to the modern Nexus design as possible. This means that I will also add in features that will still be stock, but will also make our phones as close to a current Nexus as possible.

As for how I handle the forum side of things, I'm always open to comments, questions, suggestions, requests, etc. I know that most of those things will often be in the form of criticism, but it's okay, I think I can handle it That being said, I do also have a life and am a college student, so I may not get to come on here ALL the time. I will check back as frequently as possible, and I'm hoping that you guys will help each other out as much as possible! Keep it friendly! So now for the details...

Stock Android 4.4.2, build KOT49H
Source (AOSP) built kernel (boot.img)
Easily rootable (see information below)
G-Apps (GMail, Play Store, etc.) included in build along with Nexus apps
Stock browser replaced with Google Chrome
Shiny restart options - access them by holding down the power button and then long pressing on "Power Off"
All the crazy Google proprietary app stuff has been taken care off
Updated frequently
Everything works!
So what do I mean when I say "Everything works!"?
I'm sure by now you all know that when someone says that, it usually ends up not being true. This ROM is not an exception to that rule, but I can say that I've tested most of the things that would be expected to work in stock Android, such as...
WiFi Tethering (no subscription check)
Bluetooth streaming
Google account sign-in and auto-restore of apps and settings
Google Wallet
Location Services (pretty fast GPS lock in my area also)
Believe it or not, December is still a month!
Android beam
Photo editing with the new filters
Exchange support
Like I said, the normal stuff (data, voice, hardware acceleration, etc.)
More things that aren't important enough to mention here - check out the changelog for a more comprehensive list

Installation Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT - Note: I use recovery-clockwork-touch-

By the way TWRP works with this rom.
1. Download the latest version of the ROM from the download post. (Also download any other files you will need to install, such as Chainfire's Superuser Root ZIP, the radios installation ZIP, the bootloader installation ZIP, etc.)
2. Put the file(s) you downloaded in step 1 on your phone's internal storage (sdcard).
3. Turn off your phone.
4. Boot into the bootloader of the phone by holding down both volume buttons and the power button simultaneously until you feel a vibration and see a large arrow that says "Start".
5. Use the volume keys to change the arrow until it says "Recovery," then press the power button to boot into recovery.
6. Because of differences in recovery types, I will make the following steps rather generic.
7. Wipe cache.
8. Wipe dalvik cache.
9. If you want to be 100% sure there are no problems, wipe data. If you are coming from another ROM or Android version, wipe data. If you do not wipe data and something goes wrong, repeat this process but wipe data - this step is not necessary if you are simply upgrading.
10. Flash the ROM
11. Root: If you are rooting, flash Chainfire's SuperSU ZIP file - this step is not necessary if you were rooted on the previous build and are simply upgrading.
12. Mod's: If you like any mod you can install zip now
13. Change kernel: U can change aosp stock kernel. Tiny Kernel, Fancy Kernel, Dirty V, Franco Kernel, Mpokang kernel.

14. Reboot your phone, and enjoy!

Download it noooooooowwwww: here, instant dl.

This isn't mine, if you have questions feel free to ask.

Toro XDA Thread:

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ROM 1/20/14


ROM 1/12/14
Google Drive


Universal Mod's:

AOSP BROWSER: Change Chrome for STOCK browser.

AOSP Mms.apk: Install on system aosp mesaje apk

DPS Manager: Add Cyanongen DPS Manager.

MOD's to 012014:

Return to Stock:

BACK TO STOCK Returns you to the stock version of the ROM by removing SystemUI and framework-res mods.

Return to ShinyROM Kernel: Returns to Original Shiny Kernel

Tweaks & Look:

36 DPI Nav Bar: Reduces Nav Bar to 36 dpi

Battery Percent Grey

More mod in this url:

Shiny ROM
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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that maguro is going to be officially supported by Shiny ROM in the very near future (by the end of the weekend). If anyone would like to do some quick testing, please PM me and make the subject something along the lines of "Maguro ROM Testing." I'll edit this post when the official thread is up and running. Thanks for your patience with waiting for the maguro ROM.

Huge thanks to Sesme for starting this thread and for the port in the meantime! :)
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