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-Got an Eris the day they came out (Dad got the Droid), had a lot of issues with it, but rooted it the moment root was available using good ol' ADB- It's been so long, I don't remember what I had on there, just remember using Amon_Ra recovery

-Got a Droid a couple of months later after too many issues stock (3 phones, b*****d at VZ for an hour on the phone) Rooted again via ADB- Been on UD, CM and too many others to name. All on P3Droid Kernels, save for once or twice with ChevyNO1

-Moved to a DInc, used urEVOked, gf's BBStorm died, gave it to her. Still running CM7 on it, not sure what kernel she's flashed since then

-Bought a Samsung Fascinate: ODIN and Z4Root- last ROM was CommRom 2.0, OTB 1.6 Voodoo kernel

-DX: crap, I don't even remember what I did on there (very brief stint, rooted for a friend) put Liberty 2.0 and Rubix on it for him to play with

-Sold the SF, got a DInc2...patiently waiting for whatever method we need to use
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