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This will Allow you to build CM7-Nightlies or "Kangs" at any time you please.

It's a bash/sh script for automation, as simple as a double click.

it's downloading and installing all files/repos/sdk/adb/fastboot and compiles. (If you already have some of this installed, it prompts before installing)


Please test it, and report bugs here (files attached)
No donations wanted, just click that THANKS button



new menu

just unzip on ubuntu/linux and run ./
if ./ is not recognized as an executable, just
sudo chmod 775
You will be asked for sudo pass (since you edit repos and add adb in bin) and some info for git.

after completing you can always create a fresh build from the Desktop shortcut

ofcourse i don't take any credits for cm, all credit goes to cyanogen and teamdouche. the script is just a shell compilation of the cm wiki.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts