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Team Nyx

-- DemonWav -- Nushor -- Onecosmic -- PaulForde -- RaymondDull -- Trae32566 --[/background]​

[background=rgb(251, 248, 244)]This ROM is based directly on the source code straight from Google themselves, the way Android is meant to be. This ROM is produced by a collaboration of many different people, with the main development being done by Onecosmic himself. We strive to bring releases as often as possible and provide a stable AOSP ROM.[/background]

We are in the midst of many changes and will try to have our source code back up as soon as possible.

We do not support anything that is not produced by us!

Team ICSSGS is now Team Nyx!

[background=rgb(251, 248, 244)]We have made lots of changes, and part of that includes moving our base from XDA to our own website. All information, as well as downloads will be on our website, but please continue your discussions and we will continue our support here on the forums. Please check out our site at [/background]
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