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Dev/Themer News Lead Form

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Hey guys. Just wanted to post to let you guys know that i added a submission form, for you guys to be able to send our news team leads of any kind. So if you guys have anything that you think could be a good news article. Or maybe a new rom update/release that just came out, that you want to get some exposure for or something of the like. Feel free to head on over here -----> Dev/Themer Tip Line <--------- and submit what you have for them.

The form will be submitted just like our dev/themer signup form is, for review by our news team. And then they will decide what to do with the piece of info you submit. Anything helps and heck if its your rom that your submitting a news article about. Then that would help to get you some exposure.

Now just because you submit something doesn't mean it will for sure turn into a news article. The news team is very busy and has lots of news articles to write all the time. And this form will add even more to their workload. Either way every little bit helps. So thanks in advance guys. Hope to see some great articles come from your submissions.
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