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Virtuous Affinity is based on an official shipping release for Runnymede from HTC (1.05.401.4).
The entire ROM is brand new, taking no application or framework components from any prior releases.

Affinity is the result of a collaborative, team effort by the following developers:Screenshots

will follow


  • Based on the official Runnymede shipping ROM (1.05.401.4).
  • Ported for full functionality on each supported devices. Additional device support is being added regularly.
  • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
  • Overclocked kernels with numerous additional kernel modules.
  • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1.2Ghz-245MHz/ondemand screen-on, 806Mhz-245Mz/conservative screen-off), via custom built Virtuous_OC C daemon.
  • Trackpad wake support (DesireZ/G2 and MT4G only).
  • WiFi calling (T-Mobile USA only).
  • Fully functional device hardware, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.
  • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
  • Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
Supported Devices

will follow

Important Notes

[*]You must complete a full wipe prior to installing this ROM the first time. We also recommend wiping between upgrades, but you are welcome to try upgrading without a wipe. However, no support will be provided if you file a bug without having wiped prior to submission.
[/list]Bugs and Errors

To ease the process of reporting bugs to the team, we made a public bugtracker where you can report the bugs you found. Please make sure you read all the existing entries there to avoid doubling the errors.

The bugtracker is located here.

(Official Website of Virtuous ROM)​

125 Posts
Recommended radio:
There can't be a recommend radio because there are to many aspects regarding radios. Some radios which are working good for ones can't work for you. So if you are expecting problems you should try different ones.

But the radio tested for the rom is the following and the matching RILs are included:

125 Posts
Will be updated for the latest version soon

Changelog since Beta 2:
  • Added super and ultra smooth mod to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to hamdir for initial mods)
  • Added different navbar styles to Rosie (configurable) (thanks to RCMix team for bliss files)
  • Added App drawer mods 4x4, 4x5, 5x4, 5x5, 6x5 and 6x6 (configurable)
  • Added App drawer hide divider (configurable)
  • Added App drawer hide icon label (configurable)
  • Added new theme to calculator (thanks to liamstears)
  • Added secure folder and local time stamp for message app (configurable)
  • Added trackpad sleep on lockscreen for Desire Z and myTouch 4G
  • Update market to 3.3.11
  • Update superuser to 3.0.6 and su binary to 3.0.3
  • Fixed softbutton backlight for all devices (configurable)
  • Fixed missing contact pictures in some apps
  • Fixed G-sensor calibration
  • Fixed trackpad wake for Desire Z and MyTouch 4G (thanks to Sandmann79 for pointing us in the right direction and snq- for the initial mod)
  • Fixed radio for vivow
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