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I successfully rooted using the TB auto root. I had Rom mgr & superuser...and flashed on inj3ct3dth3ory 6.01. It booted up fine...but I had no connection. Quickly realized I had the original group radio (got phone in mid may, never once accepted an update). So I went to install a gb radio...changed name to the pg05 img (whatever its proper name is) rebooted using power & volume down. So it flashed the new radio....but seemingly booted me back into stock, the gb Rom was definitelynot running. Checked root - lost it (had to flash back original radio).

So now I'm back on unrooted & everything is running fine. However, my phone won't accept new ota update.

I'm on
Build 1.12.605.6
Software 1.12.605.6

Am I good to just re-root? If so, what do I do about the radio?

Thanks for helpin a n00b

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It sounds like you flashed the full nonrooted ruu instead of just the radio.
Do you remember the file size of the
The radios are ~ 25mb or so if I remember correctly.
If you did flash the full ruu you need to check the root method on the new update as I'm unsure.
I remember jcase saying don't flash the nonrooted ruu as they didn't have a method for root but they may have changed.

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How do you know you lost root?
Check in terminal emulator
if you don't get # or a denied message you lost root.
You're correct in that your downgraded to 605.6.
You need to re root and flash the OTA radio only which is still froyo based but gingerbread based roms work with it.
Once the new radio is flashed boot back in to android and rename or remove the radio on your sdcard, boot back into recovery and flash a new gb based rom.
When you boot into android after the radio flash you will NOT get service until a new gb based rom is flashed.
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