We're back with another (albeit very late) #IconPackWednesday and today we will be featuring Hydrox by developer DaveJ (aka. Dave John, such a stretch right?). Hydrox brings with it a ton of clean and minimal icons with a pack of very detailed wallpapers to create an experience that will have others admiring your homescreen. This isn't DaveJ's first theme and it's evident in the work that he has created with Hydrox.

Upon installing Hydrox you should notice that all (and if not, most) of your apps have been covered since Hydrox contains over 1400 themed icons. The icons has a rounded square base that is (for most apps) one solid, pastel-like, color -- though there are some apps, for example Fenix and Aircast, that have a shade or shift to its base color. Then you have a small graphic featuring the app's central design in the center of that base, with few apps utilizing the whole base for their graphic (though Analytics and Today Calendar are among them). Non-themed apps have their original icon centered on the base that is of a color that closely matches said app's main color -- although you shouldn't see too many of these icons.

Hydrox also comes with 9 wallpapers that are all filled with a load of detail. The imagery used for the wallpapers mostly are tied with space but there are some other ones that are more "down to Earth". These walls cannot be used with Muzei, but they can be utilized in Behang thanks to the BLink extension (which, of course, can then be used with Muzei). These walls are definitely a favorite of mine ever used in an icon pack. Lastly, the walls are hosted in app, but DaveJ has confirmed that he is working on getting them cloud-hosted.

In the app's dashboard you'll find most of the menu options (about dev, themed apps, contact, etc) tucked away discretely behind a menu button, while the first four options you will see are 'Apply Theme', 'Wallpapers', 'Request Icons', and 'Theme Info'. You can apply this theme to the top 9 3rd-party launchers including Aviate, and apply any of the 9 initial wallpapers from the menu. You are also able to easily share which of your icons aren't themed to the designer using the icon request tool.

With DaveJ telling me that he is planning on updating this icon pack very frequently and the plethora of icons already available, this is one set you won't want to miss. They are currently available in the Play Store for only $1.38 (an oddly specific price) so be sure to pick these up. DaveJ would also like to thank fellow designer RyanMKelly for all his support and advice when he was first starting out. Show us what Hydrox looks like on your devices!

Hydrox is available for $1.38 in the Play Store.

Hydrox is available for $1.38 in the Play Store.​