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Bboy486 said:
has anyone had success connecting from touchpad to OSX 10.6 remotely? I have not been able to connect through either internet discovery or my dyndns server. Weird thing is it connected fine via dyndns on my Evo over 3g.
doing it on Snow Leopard all the time. local (WiFi) is fast enough to stream DVD qualify video. did it from my kids house (through their WiFi, U-Verse, then my Charter connection at home - charter in to iMac, out to gigabit ethernet to DroboFS, back to iMac and back out through Charter). they were watching TV so bandwidth was eaten up somewhat with that load. The video stream was choppy while the audio stayed solid. basic remote access was solid. the other is simply a bandwidth issue.

see post #15 on the issues i had to initially resolve.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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