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Finally some progress for droid pro! Jakpotclavin from droidforums have started development with cm7 for the pro. All credit goes to him

JakpotClavin said:
k guys heres my alpha build: it is a direct port of the droid x by cvpcs. i'd like to thank cvpcs, koush, and cyanogenmod and tbh for the help and guidance. you should make a clockwork backup of whatever version youre running and then you gotta sbf back to 2.26.60. if you bootloop on the initial reboot, pull the battery and reinsert it while pressing r+m+power and wipe data and cache then reboot. you should reactivate your phone when it prompts you to do so. after the long 2.26.60 start up process, you should root (i use z4root), then install droid 2/x bootstrapper and reboot into recovery. after you boot into clockwork, go to mounts and storage and wipe system, data, and cache. the go back to the initial screen and select choose zip from sd card and install the zip i posted. there are dumb bugs i know this is only my alpha build. this is just a showing of the progress ive been able to make between work and enjoying the summer life. enjoy guys more and only better things to come for the pro in the near future

edit if you want gmail and the marketplace and such, you need to download gapps from the bottom of the cyanogenmod website here (the cm7 one) then put that zip on your sdcard, then choose zip from sdcard and pick that one
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