The next theme that I'm going to highlight has been out for a couple weeks but it is still as fresh as ever. The theme is Quadro by designer Djskarpia (aka. Andrea Corvi) and although English isn't his first language, his theme speaks across many devices, and connect them in a beautiful artistic way.

Quadro presents us with icons that are flat and squared with slightly rounded corners, not as rounded as we've seen though. We then see a flattened, enlarged, pastel icon closely following the app's normal design. You'll then notice a texture that covers the icon's design which makes the icon look like it was made with colored pencil (don't take that to mean the design is childish, since it's anything but). Unthemed app icons are enlarged, placed on a gray background, and then the texture is placed on top. This design applies to the over 1200(!) apps that are included.

There are many, many wallpapers included with this set. At first when I received this theme, the over 100 wallpapers were hosted on Google+ but thanks to a recent update the walls are now cloud hosted. The walls are all of HD quality and range in themes, from detailed landscapes to colorful patterns to blurred images.

The app that Djskarpia has built around the icons is very unique and nothing like the other themes I've reviewed. The app features a slide-out menu with 3 main categories with several subcategories each. The first category, Theme, has three controls: 'Apply' which allows you to automatically apply the theme to any of 7 different home launchers including Solo and Smart launcher, 'Wallpapers' which takes you to the walls that are continuously added, and lastly 'Icons' where you can see all the icons included in the theme plus you can use the search function to instantly find a specific icon.

The other two main categories are "Extra Features" which includes 'Icon Request' and 'Extra Wallpapers', and "DjSkarpia" which includes 'Rate Theme', 'More Themes', and 'Contact'. With the recent update that was published for Quadro, Corvi has added cloud hosting of wallpapers and Muzei support. He has also fixed a few icons that had skewed designs.

Quadro is a fully-featured theme with options galore included with it, which aims to remain your launcher theme of choice for a long time. Designer Andrea Corvi has also stated to me that he is (and has proven to be) committed to providing constant and timely updates to Quadro. It is currently on sale throughout the end of this week with the possibility of longer for only $1.90 on the Play Store. Go check out the theme now and add a new flare to your device.

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