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Tricky tricky tricky. That is what comes to mind when this subject comes into play. So we figured it out. If you would like to donate a phone for us to give to a developer, we can make it happen, we receive lots of requests for an address to send a phone to so here is a little requirement and disclaimer:

  • The phone shall be a Clean ESN (not reported lost or stolen to your carrier/insurance)
  • If the screen is cracked, its okay, we can get it fixed, unrepairable damage, we cannot do anything about that.
  • No SD Card needed.
  • Cable and wall charger is optional, (it would be nice)
  • An attached and signed letter written from below.

I __(State your name)__ understand that this phone is being donated at no cost to RootzWiki.Com or its administrators, owners or users. I hereby release ownership of all contents in this package to RootzWiki.Com to help and promote open mobile devices and furthering enhancement of mobile computing. I would like a shirt in the size of __(State requested shirt size and color here)__ along with a sticker for my phone in the color of __(Place requested color of black or white)__. Please send shirt and sticker to the following address:

RW User
123 Sudo Ave Apt 00100110
HackVille, USA 12345
Any user can turn around and sell their device, we totally understand that. But if you have a phone lying around you would like to give to a dev, we will throw in a little bonus. Users who donate a phone will receive:

  • (1) Shirt (Same as Supporting Member) with your choice of color (Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue)
  • (1) Phone SuperUser sticker (1.5"x1.5") In black or white.
  • Ads will be hidden to these users.
  • Access to the private supporting members forums.
  • Customizable title bar.

The shipping address is:
P.O. Box 577764
Modesto, CA 95357

Thanks for taking your time to read this and be part of a new and expanding era. Long live open phones!

RootzWiki Staff

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soulsiphoner said:
By the time I become eligible for an upgrade, my current Droid X won't be relevant. 2013 is a long time away.
This is why I was SOOO pissed that they killed the 1-yr contract option. That was a GREAT option and very well may cause VZW to lose me as a customer when my TBolt's 1-yr is up. Grrr..... </rant>

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Awesome Sauce! I'll theme whatever phone comes to me if i were to win one! With multiple ROM support! Since it wouldn't be the daily driver, wouldn't have a problem with crack flashing.
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