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Verizon has found a way to catch Tether Users who don't agree to the terms in the Browser, but continue to find work arounds. They are now charging by the MB of data.. This morning my bill was $300, after 2 hours of use it is now over $800 dollars.. I have an Unlimited 3G Data Plan and yet they've managed to nab me. I'm praying to God this is a flaw in the system, as I've always had an unlimited data plan.. All I'm saying is be careful; they're sending out not so friendly reminders that data isn't free... Holy shit...
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Holy cow, 30-40 gigs/month? there is NO way I could ever use that much using wifi-tether. I remember one guy said that you shouldn't use over 10 gigs/month even with an unlimited plan as they could flag your account for review, and if they think you might be tethering they will get you for it. I think I'm going to go check my Verizon bill now and see if I have any charges.
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