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Drawing on the Note 10.1

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The whole reason I bought this tablet was for its wacom based pen to draw with, replacing a traditional wacom tablet.

My drawing app of choice is LayerPaint

Sketchbook Pro has some issues on this thing, such as crashing while saving to an existing file

Here's just a few things I drew on my note 10.1 (and it's all furry, break out the torches and pitchforks!) Anyone else got anything?
I am by no means a professional artist, I just draw cartoon dogs in my spare time and pretty much taught myself, so any flaws in these is likely my fault and not the tablet.

everything but the background was done on the note 10.1 with this one

Everything but the text was done on the Note 10.1 with this one

screenshot of LayerPaint
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Nice drawings. Hope I can get that good one day.

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these r 2 drawings i did on my note 10.1

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Very nice oni. Pretty awesome for being done on an electric sketch pad.

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thnks :)
Great drawings, I have no talent other than messing around and erasing what I did
still its great to see what other creative minds come up with :)
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