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I'm on my 3rd iteration of the D2G, first two had issues using GPS with Google Maps. When I would open Google Maps with GPS enabled and the layer set to "satellite" the devices would hang indefinitely, and if I put either of them to sleep they would invariably crash and reboot to the Droid eye.

So after the first one started dying and I got it replaced, I expected that to be it; isolated incident. Seconded device, same problems emerged. Third device is now hanging on Google Maps. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm going to copy/paste logcat from the last (almost) crash on the 3rd device.

Also of note is the:
	 [ERROR]	AKMD2(1171)	x = 520, y = -88, z = 788
Which pings constantly what my XYZ axes are into the logcat. Weird, huh?


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