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androidphan88 said:
Sparkyman this is basically a dumb of all files in /system of the droid 3 basically where the rom is.
This is for developers and themers. Themers can use it to figure out where to extract the different image files to to change what something looks like, devolopers can use it to modify the files to there liking. Someone please correct me if i am wrong but i believe this is what it is used for.
You are corret. Also the /media is for someone who may want just some new wallpapers/sounds/ringtones.

Although i got my D3 today, i noticed no new sounds/ringtones, but has DX2 notification/ringtone. Just one.

Love the phone though so far. NEED ROOT!!! Lol.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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