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Current Build Notes [11]
> Fix CPU not setting on boot
> Finshed DCS 'Extra Tweaks' section, now you can load/save themes from/to your SD Card
> Add ability to kill an app via long press of the 'back' button
> Remove SD Card read ahead
> Fix some memory leaks with the Galaxy S power widget

One New Thing, with ROM Mananger providing download/rating stats for the listed ROMs, please download the Droid Concepts ROMs via RomMananger if you can, and rate/comment on them, please and thank you...


Droid Concepts Froyo Builds

> 6/6/11 - Froyo Build 10 - see below

Google Apps - For all of the Droid Concepts Froyo Builds
> Google Apps - see below
> YouTube, Maps, and StreetView have been removed, please download them via the Android Market

************************************************** *******************
Originally Posted by ecsnead69
In order for themed markets to work you must load them over a stock market after install and a reboot. You have to establish the stock market working first... then boot into recovery and flash the themed market... flash rom, flash gapps, reboot..... then reboot into recovery and flash themed market... hope this helps..
************************************************** *******************
> Blacked Out Market - see below

Optional Apps - For all of the Droid Concepts Froyo Builds
> HoneyComb Music Player
> Microbes Live Wallpaper [Looks/Runs A LOT better on Froyo then on GingerBread]
> Sony Launcher
> Have an App you think would make a great addition? Let us know, we may add it!

> Optional Apps - see below

> Stock Droid Font

Supported Kernels [Working]
> Stock Kernel
> 900mhz P3 Droid Kenel
> P3 Droid Kernels
> ChevyNo1 Kernels
> RaidZero Kernels

I have personally tested the Standard Voltage 900 MHz P3 Droid listed above, and WiFi and tether is working without any problems. I have not confirmed all the kernels as working, but my guess is they should all work fine, so I have provided a link to his site, with his kernels, remember to download a Froyo kernel not Eclair.

Install Order
> Google Apps
> Optional Apps/Kernel

Explanation if you care to read:
When you install the ROM it will wipe your /system and kernel from the phone so if you install Google Apps or the kernel first you will lose it when you install the ROM. So because of this the ROM must be first. Google Apps is listed as second because you need them if you regular release type of android build, without them you will not have the market to download and install apps, so because it is a 'must' it is listed as second. The kernel/Optional Apps is an addition, and therefore is listed last, so please follow this order when installing any Droid Concepts ROM.
Thank You..

Droid Concepts Recommended Apps
> Go SMS Pro
> Chrome To Phone
> Pandora Radio
> SMS Backup and Restore
> StumbleUpon
> Widgetsoid2.x
> Swype

Please view DC-CHANGELOG and DC-CREDITS located in /system/etc
A lot of great people contribute and help me with this project, and I
want to thank them all.


If you would like to follow the progress of the Droid Concepts Settings App
then you follow it on GitHub at the link below. The reason I am
open sourcing this app so early is so that everyone can see that I am
building this from the ground up, and not simply using 'CMParts' and
re-doing it. You will be able to follow all the steps in the project so
there will be no question of whether or not it is 'CMParts' based.

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