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Huh you know nothing why don't you talk to and understand who is working on what
What I reported was fact. Bottom line it is a throw away phone and will never get anything done to it why waste time working on something with a locked boot loader when on Tuesday you have a unlocked phone you can do anything to.

All I know is that their is a new kind of security system in the kernel making it harder to root and that they took away "cat" ,"dd" and one other command line utility.

Dan Rosenberg himself, the guy who has made all of the root exploits says that its unrootable because of the new security system. I don't much else about it.

Further more
that part of the file system that needs to be rooted (or whatever) is in fact located in the kernel, which as we know, unless you have the dev edition, the bootloader is locked. Which means no access to the kernel for root.

So go ahead and call bs some more
Funny how you haven't been back to laugh especially when the very person you were quoting to never get root for RAZR m is the same person who figured the method out less than a month after. I think the RAZR m community is laughing at you now. Haha

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