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greenspeed said:
Yesterday my phone started to act like the volume down was stuck and it would just vibrate constantly. After a few battery pulls I was able to get it to stop doing that. This morning the phone froze so I did a battery pull. Now all it does when I power it on is go to a screen with the android guy on it and a triangle above him with a ! mark in it. I can get into bootloader, but can't seem to run a root or unroot. I've never had the phone rooted and just recently did a wipe 2 weeks ago cause it was acting up. Is there any hope to fix this paperweight?
I see it's your first post...Welcome to RootzWiki

the android guy and triangle is the stock recovery mode. just press the search key or both volume buttons and it will bring up the menu. From there you can do a factory reset or just reboot.

as far as your phone acting wacky, i would do a factory reset to see if that fixes it. If not, then do an sbf (instructions here)
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