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lJesterl said:
I'm not sure who they are but if you wouldnt mind to share there details I will contact them.

I need assitance from anyone who would like to help me who is running a 64bit version of ubunutu. My desktop crapped out on me and my laptop is only 32bit. I need the following compiled/built and uploaded for me to download.

$repo init -u git:// -b
gingerbread_rel -m M8660AAABQNLYA109002.xml

$repo sync

cd <android-source-tree>

source build/

choosecombo 1 1 msm8660_surf eng

- Where 1 = Device
- Where 1 = Release

- make -j4

if the above manifest fails try M8660AAABQNLYA109036.xml

Please insure that everything is intact (i.e boot.img, system.img .mbn, xt4 img's etc)
having issues connecting to the repo. Our work network is tied down to make sure were not on facebook all day etc so cannot connect to that repo. I will setup a virutal machine at home tomorrow and will try again for you.
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