Thursday saw the release of a new launcher theme called Rad, and it's radically different from most themes you've seen before. The theme comes from Drum Destroyer (Tim Austin) and features a unique approach to icon design. The theme has a flat, sharp, cutout design with a range of changing colors. Even though the name is from the 80's be prepared to make your phone look brand new in 2014.

The icons included in Rad are sharp squares that vary in every color of the rainbow as a solid background. The color seems to actually flow from a darker shade on the left to a lighter shade of the right. The themed icons are cutout of the square, most of them resembling the outline of their usual unthemed counterparts. Austin went farther and created a mask for his yet-to-be themed apps in which he takes the original icon, shrinks it down, and places them on a random colored square. Although the mask helps keep the uniformity of the theme, some apps have original icons that still stand out on the mask.

At launch Rad comes with 15 wallpapers, a very impressive amount that all go well with the icons. Most of the walls are just patterns and similar art, using around 2 main shades of colors, probably to help your eyes with the colors of the icons - not saying they are too bright just that they are many colors.

The app that Austin uses as a template for Rad comes from JaiRomeo's Ultimate Icon Theme UX. With that it features a slideable, tabbed menu to go from four categories: Theme - to apply Rad to 5 different launchers, Extras- view wallpapers, icons, or request an icon, Contact - contact the designer, and About - where Austin gives thanks. You also get a share button to share the Play Store link to any friend in multiple ways.

Drum Destroyer also has a contest going on Google+ where you could win up to $50 in Google Play credit. The contest is simply a screenshot contest using Rad in your screenshot to make the best homescreen. You are able to enter multiple screens (up to 5) but they will be judged as a whole set and there's only 1 entry per person (s0 consolidate your 1-5 screenshots into one Google+ post). You will need to join his community (Rad Screenshot community) to be eligible, along with purchasing the icon pack even though he provides a sample theme apk on the contest post. The contest has already started but you have until Sunday (Feb. 16th) at 5pm EST to enter.

Rad is available now and is in the Play Store for $1.99, and I encourage you to go download it and show us how _rad_ your device looks afterwards. Be sure to enter the contest as well and you may end up being a winner!

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Rad is available for $1.99 in the Play Store​

Play Store: DrumDestroyer

Rad Screenshot Contest