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[Dump]Ek02 - Ek02 Rooted Rom, Radio, And Kernels Oh My!

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HUGE thanks to kingsway8605 because without him, we would NOT have gotten this done. He spent hours getting a hold of this .zip, flashing this, odin'ing that, please appreciate what he did for us!!
Thanks to everyone else for getting the constant help - chris41g, T.C.P, graffixnyc, digits, and everyone else who helped out!!​

No one but you is responsible if anything happens to your phone!
Please read everything before flashing and proceed with caution!

New build information

Android 2.3.6
EK02 Baseband/Radio

EK02 Radio
You can flash this right over your current ROM right from recovery but ONLY IF YOU ARE ON EG30 RADIO!! This is an update for that radio and that radio only! Don't be alarmed, it will take a few seconds to flash it. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we don't have a stock EG30 radio, only EG12 or EG31. You can flash those if you want to get off of the EK02 modem, but hopefully this radio will eliminate LoS!​

Stock and Repacked Kernels
This can be flashed over EG30 ROMs, however, there is no known benefit to it as of now. But feel free to download, test it, and report back!​

Rooted EK02
This MUST BE FLASHED over STOCK ODEXED EG30. Enough said. Please don't post asking what it can be flashed over because I just gave you the answer. STOCK ODEXED EG30!​

Thanks, once again, to kingsway8605!!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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