DroidGamers is reporting on new action-rpg of unprecedented scope coming soon to Android. Dungeonforge is being developed by Collective Dream Studios and will bring some pretty amazing graphics to your mobile device. The game's mechanics are pretty cool as Collective Dream has players designing dungeons, overworld, and quest for their friends to play through. These player created campaigns will be a part of the larger game world with players acting as "dungeon master"ala Dungeons and Dragons. They will be pulling this off with the same exact graphics players will experience in the PC version. Players of both versions will be playing in the same world offering cross platform interoperability. You can play on your tablet when you are out, then jump on the pc version when you get home.

Unfortunately, no pricing or release date has been set yet but Collective Dream provided DroidGamers with these screen shots. I have also embedded the trailer below which gives us a close look at just how the campaign editor and combat will work. Stay tuned. I'm looking forward to this one. Special Thanks to DroidGamers for bringing this incredible looking title to the communities attention. As far as the PC version goes it has also been green lit on Steam. I'll revisit this one as soon as I get a chance to go hands on.

Source: Droid Gamers