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(Running Honeystreak [R5] on my DS7)

So I thought I'd give the new ADW EX Honeycomb features a try. I promptly downloaded ADW EX and when I opened it, I was shocked. It looked exactly like it does on my phone. Now this is no good. I googled and googled all over the place and absolutely could not find anything discussing this.

Long story short, I was running the version of Honeystreak that has the LCD Density at 120 (I figured that might be wise given the low resolution we have) and apparently ADW EX won't engage its Honeycomb features at that density. I downloaded the version with density at 105 (I just flashed it over top of the 120 version, no wipes or anything) and voila! ADW EX Honeycomb features were enabled, complete with bottom dock and everything! (I can't say what all "everything" is - it's time for me to go play with it and find out.)
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