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Ok, so I've gotten permission to try something called SOTW, or signature of the week. It's a weekly contest that absolutely everybody is invited to. In fact, we'd be insulted if you didn't participate.​
What we do is give you some guidelines to creating a single 500x300px image, such as topic/theme, if it can be animated or not (gif), and sometimes, we'll throw in something extra to challenge you. Your goal is to wow everybody else, because the forum votes as a community on who the winner is! Here are some examples:​

Notice the 3rd one's use of transparency. I can't explain why, but sometimes this puts an extra edge on the product and the submitter ends up getting more votes. but not all the time, it's just a little boost i guess if it looks right. Also take note that these submitters did not use the maximum resolution (500x300px), that's ok, sometimes the 500x300px is too much and the artist wants a smaller canvas to use. That is completely fine, there is no minimum resolution.

If your not sure this is for you, try it anyway! Trust me when i say you dont even have to win to enjoy it.

  • No bigger than 500x300px
  • Can't use earlier SOTW submissions (dont have to worry about that yet)
  • Using somebody else's work is most definitely against the rules
  • Can't submit more than once
  • Image must be in .png, .jpg, or .gif format
  • Submissions may be updated/replaced up until the submission period ends
  • When voting, submitters may vote for any submission EXCEPT their own
  • Image must contain theme/topic

Any user who violates the rules will be disqualified. Staff is welcome to participate.

Lets keep it simple: andy/bugdroid

Go for it


Even if you're not good at image editing, give this a shot! This is basically how i learned a lot of my tricks, from experimenting and also from seeing more talented artists' work and what they did.

The contest has started as of now. In a week, your peers will be judging your submission.

Please post submissions in this thread.
DONT POST ANYTHING BUT SUBMISSIONS ON THIS THREAD, if you have a question, please make a post in this thread-> Question Thread

and feel free to post your progress so others can see a current example. Just make sure that any updates and/or your final product are edited into your og post. In other words, dont make more than one post. This also means you can reserve a post now, however, there is not a limit on submitters.​
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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