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Mod Type:: ROM

Difficulty:: Easy

Mod Base:: TouchWiz (Samsung)

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: CWM Recovery

Carrier:: Verizon

Optional:: Debloated

Requires Root:: No

Optional:: Smali Edits

Android Version:: 2.3.X (GB)

UPDATE - see here for an EP4D update - Tweaked 1.5.

Over the last month or two I decided I would take a crack at learning some things, and so far it seems to have progressed nicely. Given the sorts of things that I tried to figure out, posting something that summarizes the culmination of said learnings seemed appropriate. If nothing else, I figured some would find it nice to have a little more variety as far as ROM choices are concerned. That being said, what is posted here is essentially stock EP4D, with some bells and whistles thrown in - and a pretty face thanks to stranula. Thanks also go out to skydeaner on IRC and gunnermike53 for offering up some server space for files.

I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS (GOOD OR BAD) AS A RESULT OF FLASHING OR ATTEMPTING TO FLASH WHAT IS POSTED HERE! As an additional disclaimer - I still feel as if I am pretty new to all of this, but this has worked for me and a few others that were kind enough to try. That being said, as always YMMV.

I'm not entirely sure what the best way is to set this all up, but here's a look at what I did to get to this point. I started with the deodexed/zipaligned EP4D posted here, then attempted a debloat. I haven't done much of that sort if thing prior to this, but it seems to have gone okay (and I welcome suggestions on what else should be or what should not have been removed). That being said, in case there is something missing that you wanted I included a .zip of all the deodexed /system/app apks in the download section at the bottom of this post. Then, using the work done on Infinity, GummyCharged, and Eclipse as examples, as well as various guides found on xda and information found through repeated Google searches, I began my attempts at modifiying a number of files. This was quite the learning process (smali is equal parts comprehensible and baffling), and while I am unsure if the methods I ended up using were the best choice, the end result was they worked, so I was happy. See the changelog in post 2 below for a list of the ends such modifications achieved.

If there is anything you would like to see (or wish wasn't there), let me know. I can't promise I'll do anything about it, but such requests keep me motivated and learning - and thats the whole reason this ROM came about in the first place (it all started with figuring out how to modify the power menu).

You will need to have either CWM (version can be found here, but earlier versions like will work fine as well) already on your phone or ODIN already on your computer, and I would strongly recommend doing a data wipe/factory reset within CWM before flashing any of the CWM .zips (that's what I've been doing at least and I have had no problems).
Also - I am no longer bundling my repacked kernel in anything, as I have found the 0130 PBJ kernel to be far superior. As such, for those packages where a kernel is bundled with it, that kernel is the 0130 PBJ kernel. If you choose to use the repacked kernel, MAKE SURE voodoo lagfix is completely disabled (i.e. /data, /dbdata, /cache, and /system all need to be rfs, i.e. NOT ext4) BEFORE flashing!!! For those interested, the experimental repacked kernel is essentially JUST THE STOCK EP4D kernel - with 2 edits that deal with how adb interacts with the phone and speeding up the media scan at bootup. That being said, go with the PBJ kernel. Seriously.

ODIN back to stock EP4D BEFORE you flash anything. It just makes for far fewer problems.

CWM Installation instructions:
- Backup your current setup/data
- Download file and place on sdcard
- Boot into CWM recovery
- If flashing full ROM package, wipe data/factory reset (Recommended - not necessary depending on your situation I suppose)
- If flashing v1.1 patch, make sure to ALREADY BE ON v1.0 and wipe cache/dalvik (again, just my recommendation)
- If flashing v1.4 patch, make sure to ALREADY BE ON v1.1 and wipe cache/dalvik (again, just my recommendation)
- If flashing experimental kernel - you better not be ext4!
- I recommend mounting /system (so it should say "unmount" after system)
- Install the .zip you put on your sdcard

ODIN Installation instructions:
- Download file on to computer and unzip it (w/ 7-zip or the like)
- Put phone into download mode
- Connect phone to computer (assuming all is well with the drivers)
- Open ODIN (I have been using 1.83)
- Place the .tar.md5 file in PDA!
- Flash away


TweakStock v1.4 PATCH ONLY
NOTE: You MUST be on TweakStock v1.1 for this to work, AND YOU MUST BE DEODEXED! It only includes the files modified since the 1.1 release. This needs to be flashed in CWM recovery, and I would recommend wiping cache/dalvik before flashing.
md5: E6D4305801ED32CCEB96A065C790CBE3

TweakStock v1.4 ROM only
md5: F520054CB26FCA57DD09F5C9FCFB4DEE

TweakStock v1.4 w/ PBJ kernel
NOTE: This includes the 0130 version of imnuts PBJ kernel - thanks go to imnuts for this one!
md5: 1C46736F3619A241AD6C707BCBEE4203

TweakStock v1.4 w/ PBJ kernel & ext4 conversion
NOTE: For those wanting ext4, this will convert your partitions. Thanks to imnuts for the necessary conversion tools!
NOTE2: THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DATA! Also, it is not necessary to use this one if you are already on ext4.
md5: 6152D0ACDE5470716D73B96CD6C2500F


TweakStock v1.4 ROM only
NOTE: This includes ONLY the ROM - no kernel, recovery, or modems.
NOTE 2: There was a minor bug in SystemUI... need to flash the v1.4 SystemUI.apk minor bug fix in Extras to fix it.
NOTE 3: If you want the semi-alterable power menu mod, you'll need to flash the v1.4 Power Menu Mod found in Extras
md5: 75514827A6814DF1EBFBDCFB04537FCA

TweakStock v1.4 w/ PBJ kernel
NOTE: This includes the 0130 PBJ kernel, but NO modems or recovery.
NOTE 2: There was a minor bug in SystemUI... need to flash the v1.4 SystemUI.apk minor bug fix in Extras to fix it.
NOTE 3: If you want the semi-alterable power menu mod, you'll need to flash the v1.4 Power Menu Mod found in Extras
md5: 2E292B5BF37242521716AE9468E9092C


v1.4 Power Menu Mod
NOTE: For those that would rather have the option of the full or recently shortened power menu
md5: 85DECD03A589CCA65BD8222F727BE419

v1.4 SystemUI.apk minor bug fix
NOTE: This fixes some odd behavior with the data quickpanel toggle.
md5: 6CBD8C9ECD9AA241CC3FE42557F9B20B

EP4D Deodexed System Apps
NOTE: This is NOT CWM flashable!
md5: 5A33FF377816C1D53C4631AEEE0B1525

Empty CWM file
NOTE: This is to flash system apps from the above file ONLY - simply take whatever apps you want to flash from the above .zip and put them in the app folder that can be found in the system folder in the empty cwm file .zip. Also, if you select an app that is already on your phone, it WILL overwrite it. What does that matter? If it was modded or themed... well, it won't be any more. It'll be stock. You've been warned.
md5: 8DA8ACE9D5851D5109697C7F867B3B17



TweakStock v1.1 PATCH ONLY
NOTE: You MUST be on TweakStock v1.0 for this to work. It only includes the files modified since that initial release. This needs to be flashed in CWM recovery, and I would recommend wiping cache/dalvik before flashing.
md5: 1E1AC5B92EEF89203D676023771D594E
TweakStock v1.1 + experimental repacked EP4D kernel
NOTE: You MUST be rfs for this. If you are ext4, you WILL have problems.
md5: E91CDC369BE52FF6FFE855C01301E482
TweakStock v1.1
NOTE: This does NOT include a kernel.
md5: 3B2995088AF46F7BDD7B0EE1DF7DF3F6
TweakStock v1.1
NOTE: This does NOT include a kernel or recovery, but it does include the EP4D modems. This should also wipe your data.
md5: 8F4A63DBF7471D3D19019403EBDB479B
TweakStock v1.1 + experimental repacked EP4D kernel
NOTE: This also includes the latest recovery found here, as well as the EP4D modems. This should also wipe your data.
md5: 235558C71037CAF00041E8BA29840536
---EXTRAS v1.1---
A Different Boot Animation
NOTE: This is simply the boot animation for the Samsung Stratosphere - and was something I had available. I tried it and it worked, so for those that are tired of the Droid Eye here's an option for something different. This must be flashed in CWM, and it will .bak your existing bootsamsung.qmg and bootsamsungloop.qmg in /system/media if you want to go back to the eye.
md5: 6ACAFD869453260562D3D464C294F0F5
Circle battery mod
For those that might want a different battery look - this comes from the other black and blue battery option by stranula. Flash in CWM.
md5: BFD80CB1AD84356102BA972F054FE6E2
Original battery mod
For those that might not like the different battery look and want to go back to what it was originally. Flash in CWM.
md5: 62297CEFBE3E1BEE7E1582F8A18D585D
TweakStock v1.0
NOTE: This does NOT include a kernel.
md5: F1456D8A99F3AE645C42E2DFAED700E1
TweakStock v1.0 + experimental repacked EP4D kernel
NOTE: You MUST be rfs for this. If you are ext4, you WILL have problems.
md5: 7FFADB4A01DB76D2EF3BCB11858150E5
TweakStock v1.0
NOTE: This does NOT include a kernel or recovery, but it does include the EP4D modems. This should also wipe your data.
md5: F1C6CABC67927F960888B92E76378944
TweakStock v1.0 + experimental repacked EP4D kernel
NOTE: This also includes the latest recovery found here, as well as the EP4D modems. This should also wipe your data.
md5: 418AF686668C87785569CF9345C92EAB

Please let me know if there are any problems/issues.

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imnuts - far too many reasons to list
stranula - for the great theme work
syaoran - smali tips
sbrissen - even more smali tips
gunnermike53 - pointers and server space
sircrazy (IRC) - for playing idea raquetball with me
tonsit (IRC) - motivational mod requester extraordinaire
nitsuj17 - tips and advice
lidroid - amazing quickpanel mod
the rest of TeamSbrissenMod
all involved with infinity and gummy charged
all the folks on IRC
anyone else I likely forgot

Beyond the contributions of the above individuals, there were a number of guides found on xda or via google that were used along the way. Some representative samples include:
Create 14 scrollable quickpanel toggles
Disable low battery notification
Remove clock from statusbar
Extended power menu
build.prop tweaks
A bunch of others that have become buried in my browser history...


Version 1.4 - 2/4/12
- Added in Download Crutch to allow download of wider variety of files (thanks to the unknown-to-me maker of this)
- Added in TweakPapers thanks to gunnermike53 - some nifty wallpapers
- Changed the transparency in Mms.apk to slightly less transparent (with help from stranula)
- Cleaned up the underlying code of a number of toggles that were misbehaving
***** While it works fine, flashlight still needs to be addressed somewhat
- Added end-user options for hiding various icons in statusbar - see Notes below for info
***** Bluetooth
***** E911
***** Vibrate/Silent
***** Alarm
- Added end-user options for enabling/disabling low/full battery notification
- Added in stay-awake-while-charging feature (thanks to imnuts for some helpful tips)
- Disabled some notifications
***** Data off warning at bootup
***** Confirmation alert when USB connecting phone to PC
- Custom carrier text option - make your own instead of choosing from my choices (credit to TSM for a model to follow on this)
***** Requires reboot for change in pulldown to take effect
- Rearranged Display Settings to hopefully make the new options seem more organized
- Volume rocker no longer wakes phone when lockscreen disabled
- Custom shutdown animation (credit to various threads and Infinity for images and information on how to implement this)
- Included custom boot animation (Blu Plazma II by JaeKar99), but requires supporting kernel (like PBJ...)
***** To change, make sure new boot animation is saved as and place it in /system/media/
***** JaeKar99 has made some AMAZING ones that can be found here
- Altered some default settings (can be seen after data wipe) - for example:
***** Wi-Fi off on first boot
***** USB Debugging enabled
- Fixed/edited Dialer thanks to gunnermike53!
- End user has option to removed data and airplane mode toggles from the extended power menu (thanks to Endless2232)
- Zip aligned

Version 1.1 - 1/6/12
- Added in a few wallpapers to wallpaper gallery
- Minor theme edits
- Ported over the mod by lidroid (found here), but without using lidroid-res.apk (everything was merged into framework-res.apk)
***** This mod gives you 14 scrollable quickpanel toggles accessible through the pulldown menu
***** You can modify the availability, order, and some other things using Quickpanel settings from the Settings menu
***** TIP: Try long-pressing the toggles... in particular the Data toggle. It will bring you close to a screen that will allow to switch between 3G and 4G - closest thing to a toggle for that currently
- Added back in the alarm icon in statusbar
- Can now select if clock moves or not (rotate screen to force the change)
- Can now select lockscreen and pulldown carrier text from three options (latter requires reboot to see change)
- Can now disable lockscreen in Display Settings
- Updated superuser
- Added in grey-themed keyboard (thanks to imnuts and Infinity)
- Removed startup/shutdown sounds
- Zip aligned

Version 1.0 - Initial Release
- Modified power menu (added recovery and download, changed appearance/order)
- Disabled low battery notification (you will still see a message, but no pop-up)
- Disabled full battery notification
- Removed e911 and alarm icons from statusbar
- Removed clock from statusbar (appears after date to the left when pulldown is showing)
- Altered lockscreen and pulldown carrier text (to plug the rom name lol)
- Enabled CRT animation
- Edited/cleaned up the default bookmarks of the stock browser
- Accurate battery mod (modified from Black and Blue theme)
- Added AOSP as a lockscreen option in settings (AND kept puzzle and glass!)[/list]- Edited build.prop
- Added in modified camera.apk by substanceD (found here and themed by stranula as part of Black and Blue)
- Added in App Widget Picker by boombuler (found here)
- Added in Superuser/su binary by ChainsDD (found here)
- Added busybox put together by imnuts (found here)
- With stranula's permission added in the relevant Black and Blue .apks with a few minor changes (for more information on what this includes see this thread)
- Added in imnuts's CWM recovery to one of the ODIN variants (found here)
- Zip aligned

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- While I am unsure how relevant it is now, I have encountered an occasional odd issue in the past with CWM after flashing that seems to require adb to resolve.
  • The issue is that after flashing and then booting into recovery, I occasionally get a "can't mount /sdcard" error. Apparently that in itself is a known issue, and it is listed as such in the CWM recovery thread.
    The fix requires you to perform the following commands using ADB:

    adb shell<br />
    umount /sdcard<br />
    rm -f /sdcard<br />
    mkdir /sdcard<br />
  • If you do not have ADB installed and you are having the "can't mount /sdcard" error after flashing - I have a possible workaround for you. Download the here - then extract the folder (should be fine to extract it to your desktop) and attach your phone to the computer via USB (I did this while the phone was already in CWM). Open the newly-extracted ADB folder, and then double-click on the CWMsdcardFix.bat - something should pop up on the screen for a brief second, which is completely normal. After double-clicking the .bat file, on the phone go to mounts and storage, then select mount /sdcard - and it now should work!
  • Either approach here (adb code or the stuff in has worked every time I have needed it, although again in my experience I have not been able to cull the rhyme or reason out of when that need will present itself.
- The statusbar tweaks all require a little effort on your part for changes to take effect. All changes can be elicited with a reboot, BUT for most there are other ways:
- Move statusbar clock -- get screen to rotate
- Bluetooth/vibrate-silent/alarm icons -- just change their state (on/off or vibrate/sound, etc)
- E911 -- Go into Settings > Location and security... you don't need to do anything else, you should see the change
- Carrier text -- Lockscreens change automatically, but the pulldown only changes with reboot currently

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Been using this for a bit. All I can say is it is very STABLE. All of the tweaks are done properly and cleanly. There were no shortcuts taken, which adds to the wonderfulness of this ROM. The only comment I will make, and it is for more advanced users, if you notice the ram is a little lower on idle than you would have hoped for, which is rare, most users have no issue and idle ram is over 80mb, but if you do have the issue where it drops low, consider flashing JUST the stock zImage back onto your phone. I have noticed idle ram improvement when the issue arises.

Thanks dwitherell

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I have also tried out this rom, and it is very nice. I know from being around Irc how much work you've put into this, so thanks!

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The OP has been updated with a link to a blank CWM flashable zip. For those wanting to add back apps I removed, there are a number of ways to do so - dropping the desire-to-be-added apks in the system/app folder of the blank CWM file and then flashing it is just one option - just be aware that problems can arise if you use it to flash over apks that are already included.

To any that downloaded that file before 11:40pm EST 12/23/11 - DON'T use it, and redownload the file (from the same link). I noticed an oversight in the updater-script that has since been fixed, and while the issue it would cause could be easily fixed by reflashing the main ROM CWM .zip, it's still annoying that you would have to do that. SO... if you downloaded that file please download it again. Sorry about that.

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Another for us Charge users. Thanks for the work and I hope you enjoy the sammiches I sent ya.

Happy Holidays
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