Pinknoze Studio released an icon pack called Astero near the end of July, a set of circular icons with a space-y theme. The Play Store logo shows a rocket ship blasting off through space, and the long shadows on the icons themselves make the glyphs appear as if they're also rocketing upward. Astero comes in a free version with 250+ icons and a pro version with 650+ icons and an icon request tool. Developer Ekky Pramana teased an update in G+ bringing additional icons next week.

unthemed icon
themed icon
The circular base for each icon resembles a wafer, the 3D effect flanking the bottom half and the color matching the dominant color of the app. For themed icons, the glyph is custom-designed, with the aforementioned vertical long shadow. Unthemed icons feature the same circular base but they substitute the themed glyph with a circular cutout of the system default icon in the center.

The app is somewhat different from your typical dashboard. If all you want to do is simply apply the icons, you'll be glad to know the app opens right to the "Apply" screen (after you "okay" the changelog popup), showing which launchers you can apply the theme to (including which ones you have installed). "Icons", "Icon Request", "Other Works", "Wallpaper", "Settings", "Contact Info" and "About" can be accessed via the hamburger menu on the left. The overflow menu on the right lets you view the changelog, view credits and licenses, rate and review the app or report bugs.

The app is very well designed, but the one niggle I had is the icon request tool. Once you open it you're greeted with a grey box with a darker grey circle atop a darker grey box with a "Tap Here" button, which isn't a problem except when you tap it you get a popup asking you to rate the app in the Play Store. Fortunately it doesn't actually take you to the Play Store. You just tap the "Got it!" button at the bottom and wait for the dark grey circular progress bar to finish.

Once the progress circle is finished, you're greeted with another "Tap Here" button at the bottom with a paper airplane in it, which shows the list of Android share options when you tap it. In other words, there's no way to choose which apps you want to request themed icons for. It simply sends a list of all your unthemed apps to the developer. Granted, there is some nice eye candy here but I think I'd prefer checkboxes with "select all" and "select none" buttons at the top (even swiping away apps you don't want themed can be tedious in many of the popular dashboards out there).

As I usually do, I included screenshots featuring the applied theme with one of the included wallpapers and one with a wallpaper of my choosing.

Astero is a worthy icon pack, the second for Pinknoze Studio. The free version will whet your appetite but if you want the full set it'll set you back $1.52.

The demo version of Astero Icon Pack is available for free in the Play Store.

The demo version of Astero Icon Pack is available for free in the Play Store.​

Astero Pro Icon Pack is available for $1.52 in the Play Store.

Astero Pro Icon Pack is available for $1.52 in the Play Store.​