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Now that the team is set up, I will be rerouting all of my work. I won't host them on my threads or site anymore, but rather point them to the Team website where even more apps than what I offered are available. We are considering doing versions of our apps with colors but that's on the back burner right now while we get everything fine tuned with the site.. I'll leave my old thread at the bottom of this so you can still have some of my other work but once the site for the team is done, i'll remove my old work.. Thank you to everyone that has been on this journey with me for so long and to those of you that just found me. It has been a blast and having a team set up is going to help me out a lot in many ways.. So go to our site and and our threads and sit back and relax but don't stand up too quickly.... you might BLACK OUT.!

"Welcome to the Dark Side"

Click the quote above to access the site

Team Black Out is made up of some of the best of the best in the industry when it comes to making Blacked Out Apps and Transparent Apps. We decided to team up and release the largest list of Blacked Out Apps available and add to it as often as possible. Our goal is to offer an ongoing list of apps that are updated as soon as possible after the stock app updates by letting just 1 person update it rather than 3-10 of us doing our own thing and ultimately ending up with the same end result.. an Inverted app. So, by doing this, we will be able to branch out and get the list to over 100 apps in time! Many of us have been doing this for over 3 years and some have just began their journey to the Dark Side but we are a team and will work together like a team. The veterans will help train the new-comers how to start from scratch and fully Black Out an app by editing xml lines, drawable images and smali classes files. On the site, we have guides available and will add more of them in time. We announce the Team over a month ago and now the day is here!

T-BOTs are the Team Black Out Testers. When we update an app or start a new one from scratch, we can put anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 hours into 1 app for all of you and then testing that app can take 10-60 minutes and we don't use every app we Black Out so we're bound to miss some hidden things. Well, this is where our Loyal T-BOTs come into play. Once we update an app they get busy looking for issues for us. This gives us more time to be able to update more apps, start new apps or just have some non-android fun. So make sure you thank the T-BOTs when you get blown away from how amazing these apps are!

Obviously this style is the most popular. We don't theme our apps with images but rather Invert the Colors so you'll;ll have Dark backgrounds and Light texts. This is very popular and has become something that many avid Android users have come to thoroughly enjoy this look so we will do our best to give you more of what you love!

Transparent apps have become more popular the last year or so and some members of the Team have been offering them for a while now. Our transparent series of app are called Clear Apps. Being able to see your wallpaper while you';re using your favorite apps is just cool! We still have to update the site with all of our Clear Apps...

Ok kids... click on "Welcome to the Dark Side" at the top and it will take you to our official Team Black Out website! All downloads are hosted there only to keep track of everything. If you've used any of our apps in the past in your Aroma installers or in your ROM, you can still use them. Link back to our SITE wherever you post our content tho. Do not post something in a different forum using our work and then PM us to let us know and hope it's ok with us.... It isn't. Ask first and we'll work with you but ask for forgiveness and we have a problem.

List of apps:
Google Settings
Google Now
Play Music
FB Messenger
Apollo Music


Not too many themers Black Out all these apps so I'll try to keep updated as I can but I also have 3 other threads with different apps in them so if something updates just let me know but don't bug me about it and read through to see if anyone else has already given me the heads up on it.. Thanks.

These are all installable apps like they're from the market. No Root is needed unless Facebook is in system instead of data. If that's the case and you're rooted, just uninstall it with Titanium BackUp or a Root Explorer of some sort and reboot. Then install mine.

Feel free to use my work without PM'ing me but make sure you give credits. I obviously didn't make these apps from scratch but they're not exactly easy to Invert so even though I'm very helpful and let people use my work, I do make hidden edits in each app somewhere so if you use my work and don't give credit I'll stop updating and everyone will hate you...
JK but seriously... Do give proper credit.

On Facebook an FB Messenger I did make 8 new colors but it is TEXT ONLY.. I don't have the time to fully theme them with images so please don't ask me to... Thanks!


FACEBOOK 3.2 - updated 05/14/2013

1. Black Facebook 3.2 - White Text only for now.. busy getting the team launch ready

older version below
FACEBOOK 3.1 - updated 04/16/2013

1. Black Facebook 3.1 - White Text

2. Black Facebook 3.1 - Holo Blue Text

3. Black Facebook 3.1 - Yellow Text

4. Black Facebook 3.1 - Red Text

5. Black Facebook 3.1 - Purple Text

6. Black Facebook3.1 - Pink Text

7. Black Facebook 3.1 - Orange Text

8. Black Facebook 3.1 - Green Text

9. Black Facebook 3.1 - Dark Blue Text

10. Black Facebook 3.1 - Cyan Text

FACEBOOK MESSENGER 2.4.3 - updated 05/14/2013

1. Black FB Messenger - White Text only for now...

older version below
FACEBOOK MESSENGER 2.4.2 - updated 04/16/2013

1. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - White Text

2. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Holo Blue Text

3. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Red Text

4. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Purple Text

5. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Dark Blue Text

6. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Yellow Text

7. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Cyan Text

8. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Orange Text

9. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Pink Text

10. Black FB Messenger 2.4.2 - Green Text

Instagram 3.4.4

1. Black Instagram 3.4.4 - 3/6/2013

Skype 3.2.0

1. Black Skype - 2/27/13

Pinterest 1.4.3

Updated 04/17/2013

1. Black Pinterest - There's a screen with categories that has webview images so you can't really see them but the text is white so I think it's okay...


1. Black Spotify - 03/29/2013

Kik Messenger

1. Black KiK Messenger 0 03/08/2013

WhatsApp Messenger 2.9.1547

1. Black WhatsApp Messenger 2.9.1547 - 03/08/2013 - Make sure you verify your phone # using the stock app first.. Once it sends you the verification SMS you can uninstall it and install mine..

Dropbox 2.3.5

1. Black Dropbox - 04/11/2013

2. Xparent Dropbox - 04/11/2013

Twitter 4.0.2

1. Black Twitter - 05/01/2013 Updated

2. Clear Twitter - 05/01/2013 Updated

Big Ups to @itched for the ftp hosting!

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Adrioid said:
Nice work B_Boy! Hey the only thing I noticed is that the text is white on white when typing from the app. If typing directly from the widget the text is black. Everything else is good!
Hmm, I just checked and both ways for me have black text in the text field... did you edit xmls on the theme you're running?

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BabyBlues said:
I have a question - when I install and sign in the entire background is black. When I leave and come back again the news feed is white and the header is black. Is that normal? Did I miss a setting somewhere?
While it syncs, the newsfeed is inverted.... after that, it pulls from the site itself and that can't be inverted.... however, since it DOES invert for during sync, I'm willing to bet we can manipulate the xmls... but that takes some time and testing....

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The issue with fb is that they keep adding stuff that pulls from the mobile site so I can't invert it... not thats it's impossible, but it is extremely hard so I dunno if I'll update to new versions.... I turn off auto update and I never get bothered. .. thanks tho, glad ya like my work... :)

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