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fascinate issues help

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hello all.
help if possible.
having issues trying to install cm7. I get rooted. super one click. get the current nightly. and drivers needed. I get the cwmr very installed ok. then go to data clear cache clear davlik clear

install from as card pick my nightly file then it reboots then I get a boot loop as it never mounts the sd card.

I found the ec09 radio.

and I could use Odin...
I hear mention of v3 kernel from jt but not sure where to find it..

the one time I did get nightly build 17 to install and load ok but it would not see my sd card.

sd card works fine using it now in my fascinate

and I can see it fine on my desktop system to.

any ideas or guidance help in general or something I'm missing. I'm a newbie but I'm trying to learn. handbill already have backups of everything.

cheers all.
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Thanks all and sorry to moderators.... for posting in wrong area... kinda new at this.

Cheers all
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