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fascinate issues help

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hello all.
help if possible.
having issues trying to install cm7. I get rooted. super one click. get the current nightly. and drivers needed. I get the cwmr very installed ok. then go to data clear cache clear davlik clear

install from as card pick my nightly file then it reboots then I get a boot loop as it never mounts the sd card.

I found the ec09 radio.

and I could use Odin...
I hear mention of v3 kernel from jt but not sure where to find it..

the one time I did get nightly build 17 to install and load ok but it would not see my sd card.

sd card works fine using it now in my fascinate

and I can see it fine on my desktop system to.

any ideas or guidance help in general or something I'm missing. I'm a newbie but I'm trying to learn. handbill already have backups of everything.

cheers all.
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Just make sure you're following the correct procedure. You do not need to root the phone to install CM7 from stock. If you're not exactly sure how that goes it's pretty simple.

Pull battery, put phone into download mode
ODIN the fixed CWM4 JT has posted in several threads
Immediately boot up the phone using the 3-finger method, you can only do this once. After successfully installing an AOSP rom you can't use the 3-finger method anymore.
Wipe the big 3, then install the rom.

If you're having trouble getting the SD card to mount, you may want to try formatting it or at very least try another card. It could be damaged from using a previous nightly when there were known issues with corrupted SD cards.
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