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Hopefully this works, and hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes by posting it. But it seems ziggy has found the problem in an expired file, and posted a fix on the Synergy google code svn, specifically r197. I don't have the issue so I haven't tested it. I'll update the post title once I have some confirmations.

Some people have been asking for installation instructions:

1) Download the file
- Go to (easier to enter on your phone)
- Click r197
- Click the file name (under 'Affected files')
- Click 'View raw file', save it to your SDCARD

2a) Using RootExplorer
- Copy the new file from your SDCARD
- Mount /system as read/write
- Go to /system/lib and paste the file, overwriting the old one
- Press and hold on the file and select Permissions
- Set: Owner - read/write, Group - read, Others - read, click OK
- Press and hold again, select Change owner
- Set both to '0 - root'

2b) Using ADB
<br />
# busybox mount -o remount,rw /system<br />
# cp /sdcard/ /system/lib/<br />
# chown 0:0 /system/lib/<br />
# chmod 0644 /system/lib/<br />
3) Reboot

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what i dont understand,is that file a phone file or a rom file? i was under the impression that after changing the file it would be bussiness as usual but it seems everytime i change roms {sense gingerbread)i have to apply the fix again. however aosp roms work perfectly. so i guess the phone is infected with the file not the rom or no? And why is it not happening to everybody? This issue crazy as it sounds showed up right after i formated the
system upon restore of gingeritisv1.3
Where did this happen?when when i installed the gingerbread leak? does that write a bad file to the phone somehow? If anyone can shed some light id really appreciate it
Thanks again
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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