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mrreed2u said:
thanks buts its still not a complete answer
if that was the case everyone would have stoped at the same time
what im trying to understand is apparently the rom writes a file to phone and the fix does not work when switching roms
You need a serious class in android. First, whatever ROM you flash, does not write files to the phone per say. The phone RUNS on the ROM. The ROM hold all the files the phone uses to function. Therefore, if a given file in a ROM is broken, then regardless of what you flash to fix, it will not retain because the next ROM you flash, will overwrite whatever you have on your phone now. If you flash ROM A, and it contains 123, flash a fix for 4, then wipe and flash ROM B which contains 123, than you will lose 4 unless you reflash the fix, or flash a ROM with the fix baked in.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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