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Flash a custom splash image from Linux

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This should work on all HTC phones with unlocked (S-Off) bootloaders
Convert jpg, bmp, and png files to .img for flashing through the bootloader.
Backup current boot splash to .img folder
Convert .img splash to .png for editing on computer
Flash .img through bootloader automatically.

To use this tool you will need ffmpeg tool. To get run: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
Also, to run either place both this conversion file and your photo in the folder with adb and fastboot or set up your path so those can be accessed from any folder (for details go here:


If you have any issues, questions, or suggestions please let me know
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Thanks for the instructions man...I gotta couple of ideas. If I can get them right I'll post them up.
Let me know if you have issues
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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