The CyanogenMod maintainers have been extraordinarily busy lately as builds and repos are starting to roll out for some of the newer Android devices. Included in the latest wave of additions are select variants of the LG G2, the Moto X and the Sony Xperia SP. The international GSM d802 variant of the G2 already has official nightly builds, but the vs980 the CDMA Verizon model has had some complications and has been temporarily pulled.

Unofficial builds for the Verizon version can be found but apparently there are some WiFi issues with that model. The CyanogenMod team pulled the Verizon builds after discovering the issue with the RIL (Radio Interface Layer). The maintainers for the LG G2 are Ricardo Cerqueira and Erik Hardesty.

Moto X repos are available along with unofficial builds for the following Moto X variants: xt1060 (VZW Developer Edition), xt1058 (ATT/GSM), xt1053 (T-Mobile). The Now network has yet to receive any CyanogenMod love but we'll keep you posted when it does. Your maintainers for the Moto X variants are Michael Scott and David Hacker.

The Sony Xperia SP repo is available for your build-at-home pleasure, but no official nightlies have rolled out for it yet. Your official maintainers for this device are Adam Farden , Brinly Taylor, and Free Xperia. As with the other builds we will keep you posted on when they reach nightly status.

Let's hope the Note 3 and its variants get some love soon.