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[G2][ROM][7/11/11] Virtuous G-Lite v1.0.3 :: Gingerbread AOSP HTC/G2 (G2 2.13.531.8)

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Here you have yet another Virtuous ROM, G-Lite. It is a departure from my previous ROMs in that it is effectively AOSP and designed to be lightweight, yet functional. If you find yourself discarding most of the features of Sense in favor of specific apps of your preference, this ROM is for you. Don't expect anything too fancy.

  • Minimalistic, lightweight ROM with +200MB of memory free at startup.
  • Extremely battery efficient (best of any G2/DZ ROM I have used to date).
  • Based on Vision_Gingerbread_S_TMOUS_2.13.531.8, which is effectively AOSP.
  • Both the G2 and DesireZ are fully supported.
  • All device hardware fully functional, including wifi, bluetooth, camera, camcorder, etc.
  • Kernel Vision Gingerbread kernel. Do NOT use AOSP kernels with this ROM (i.e. Pershoot, Cyanogen).
  • Market-sourced applications (Gmail, Maps, Voice, etc) automatically installed on first boot into /data/app for easy removal.
  • Basic visual enhancements to notification bar, icons and pulldown menus to eliminate green indicators in favor of white.
  • Replaced stock Gingerbread launcher with LauncherPro.
  • Wifi calling and Swype conditionally installed for T-Mobile USA users. If your carrier licenses Swype for your DZ, let me know and I will adjust the installer.
  • Bloatware and unnecessary applications removed.
  • Additional notifications and ringtones added from Sense.
  • Massive APNS list.
  • Rooted, deodexed and zipaligned (should be assumed with all ROMs but people ask so I mention it anyway).
  • Trackpad wake is not available in this ROM, nor do any DZ/G2 HTC Gingerbread ROMs. I do not know how to add it or have an ETA on when it will be available (maybe never). Please do not ask about it.

  1. You must be perm rooted with and Clockwork Recovery installed (i.e. s-off).
  2. Perform a nandroid backup of your current ROM, in case you change your mind or encounter issues.
  3. Apply the zip via Clockwork Recovery. It has not been tested with any other recovery.
  4. Expect the first boot to take a few minutes. The lengthy first boot time is due to the dexopts process and installation of /data/apps. Subsequent reboots should be significantly quicker.
  5. After initial install, allow a few minutes for all ROM-provided applications to appear. Some are installed post-boot using package manager.

Known Issues

  • Power control widget is empty after adding it to your home screen. Simply reboot or restart the launcher to have it appear. I am not sure why this occurs but the workaround is fairly simple.
  • Video playback does not work properly in portrait mode. Rotate the phone to landscape mode to watch videos. This will be fixed once we get final vision kernel source from HTC.
Recommended Radios

First choice - Vision_RADIO_12.52.60.25_26.08.04.30_M3.img (matches this ROM)
Second choice - Vision_RADIO_12. (matches GB Sense leak).

Both are available here:


Using the Stock Launcher and/or Theme (Notification Icons)

Beginning with G-Lite version 1.0.1, users can override the use of Launcher Pro in favor of the stock launcher and/or use the the default theme over Virtuous' whited-out version. These preferences will persist between upgrades and re-flashes of the ROM.

To apply these preferences, create the following files (contents do not matter) on your sdcard in the /virtuous_glite directory (create it if it does not exist):

  • use_stock_launcher - Uses the default Gingerbread launcher from Google.
  • use_stock_theme - Install the stock Gingerbread theme, including green icons and notification pulldown.

You can create or remove these files at any time and simply re-flash the ROM (without a need to wipe) to apply your preferences.


As with any modification (ROM, patch, etc), you run the risk of damaging your device. While unlikely, it is important to consider this possibility before proceeding. I take no responsibility for any such damage, data loss or otherwise.

Download ROM Here (94MB)
(MD5: 110cf13417385b21a177630f9882df0d)
Also available via ROM Manager.

Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. Please remember to hit the "Thanks" button if you enjoy my work.
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Change Log

Version 1.0.3 (7/10/2011)
  • [ROM] Decompress all apps and framework for improved performance.
  • [ROM] Added Virtuous OC daemon (1Ghz/245Mhz wake, 600Mhz/245Mhz sleep).
  • [ROM] Updated Virtuous scripts to enhanced versions from Unity.
  • [ROM] Updated all Market apps to the latest versions.
  • [ROM] Added battery auto calibration script.
  • [ROM] Moved ROM Manager to /data/app.
  • [ROM] Numerous other performance enhancements puled over from Unity.
  • [Kernel] Updated kernel to G-Lite v3.2.0, based on kernel

Version 1.0.2 (5/23/2011)
  • [ROM] Upgrades from 1.0.x DO NOT require a wipe.
  • [ROM] Fixed Netflix playback.
  • [ROM] Fixed jagged-looking wifi icons with Virtuous theme.
  • [ROM] Increase audio volumes through headset and speaker.
  • [ROM] Updated ROM Manager to the latest version.
  • [ROM] Fixed install scripts to properly clear dalvik cache.

Version 1.0.1 (5/18/2011)
  • [ROM] Upgrades from 1.0.x DO NOT require a wipe.
  • [ROM] Added support for SIP calls over mobile networks.
  • [ROM] Fixed and updated APNS list.
  • [ROM] Added support for optionally using the stock launcher and notification icons.
  • [ROM] New custom G-Lite kernel (v3.0.1) is now included.
  • [Kernel] Added overclocking support up to 1.5Ghz; defaults to stock frequency (800Mhz).
  • [Kernel] Added support for CIFS, NFS client, Tunnel (VPN).
  • [Kernel] Switched from deadline to BFQ IO scheduler.
  • [Kernel] Eliminated all debugging.
  • [Kernel] Upgraded to ext4 for all mounts.
  • [Kernel] Increased read buffering for internal storage and sdcard.

Version 1.0.0
  • Initial Release
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Also reserved for future use.
By far the best ROM I have used. Miss some of the stuff that CM has to offer, but the battery life on this is insane and more than makes up for it.
thanks for posting this here, trying it out now, after being forever on CM7. i was just hoping to confirm that the OC Daemon is all set up with the profiles, or do we need to set that up after flashing? thx!
YrrchSebor said:
thanks for posting this here, trying it out now, after being forever on CM7. i was just hoping to confirm that the OC Daemon is all set up with the profiles, or do we need to set that up after flashing? thx!
It is good to go, nothing to set up.
cswroe said:
It is good to go, nothing to set up.
oh awesome... as much as i have learned about tweaking and setting up my phone, it's nice to have it perfectly set up right out of the box! thanks for the answer

liking this a lot so far!
Planning an update for G-Lite soon using the OTA base which was slightly newer.
rmk said:
Planning an update for G-Lite soon using the OTA base which was slightly newer.
awesome, I will flash that for sure once you get it done. this ROM flies! and if battery life is good as stated, this will be the best G2 ROM I have used! thanks a bunch for this!
rmk said:
Planning an update for G-Lite soon using the OTA base which was slightly newer.
This post made my day. Thanks!
Dear RMK,

Thank you for this wonderful rom!

I have a feature request/bugreport:

i use a bunch of arabic websites and apps, the AOSP does not fully support arabic by default (unconnected letters and left-to-right allignment), yet this is supported in CM7, is it possible to 'port' these libraries to G-Lite?

i've discussed that with cjward and he advised me to post the request here.

Thank you and keep up the good work!
Hands down the best rom i have been using till now. Its the only one that even with mass widgets installed and on the Launcher screen, that runs at 60fps.

Used Virtuous Sense as a daily driver, only for the Rosie, but since there are alternatives that look like it... ;)
Ah finally found the thread. Hope the work on this great rom continues RMK
A request of some sort.

I really like the font size on the 2.35 unity, is there a possibility that being implemented in the next g-lite release too?
Excellent news, rmk! I've been using your ROMs for quite some time now and they are fantastic.. glad I found this thread; your efforts are very much appreciated, keep it up! :)
Just a question what is the latest public market version as my friends desire running stock got the new 3.1.3 Market today it updated automaticly should it do the same with my phone even though it's running Glite V 1.01
The battery life on this is Truly Amazing. I've left it unplugged for two nights in a row, and it only drops ~2% per hour, from what I can figure. I've attached a screenshot of my battery usage.

Had to calibrate first in order to get this kind of mileage though. Made a huge difference.

Great job RMK! Keep it up. Looking forward to getting 1.0.4!


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I have once again made the rounds trying different ROMS, and back again. Nothing competes with this battery life and smoothness.
Would I be able to flash the radio from the most recent Bell Mobility OTA Gingerbread update on this rom? Would it help my Signal strength as there my provider
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