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This is a flashable ROM from generated from hawst's 2.42.405.2 system and boot nandroid (thank you hawst). It includes all applications and original vendor configuration. In other words, it is untouched with the exception of the following:
  • Rooted with insecure ramdisk and latest Superuser/su.
  • Support for /system/etc/init.d scripts.
  • Busybox installed in /system/xbin.
  • Added large APNS list to /system/etc.
There are no other changes. Just to be blindingly clear, this is NOT Virtuous; although a future version of Virtuous may be based on this ROM. Anyone building ROMs is welcome to use this as a base.

Disclaimer: This is a one-time release. Unless a problem can be identified with the changes mentioned above (rooting, deodexing, etc), it will not be updated or supported. In other words, use this as-is or find a ROM which uses this release as its' base if you would like support and/or expect to see changes.

Remember to hit the "Thanks" button if my work ends up being useful to you.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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