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GUMMY, Eating Poptarts and Sh!tt!ng rainbows!!

Checkout the Review from over at Rootz :) - notice this was a test build of 1.0.1 and all issues mentioned should now be relesolved..

Due to the upgrade to android 4.0.4 we are recommending that everyone do a full data-wipe on this release

Team Gummy:
  • Kejar31 - Primary Developer and Project lead
  • Syaoran12 - Developer
  • Mobile_Sensei - Developer
  • Sixstringsg - Developer
  • Stevespear426 - Developer
  • Mobile_Sensei - Developer
  • Imoseyon - Kernel Dev
  • TKGlitch - Kernel Dev
  • PoiTEE - Forum support guru
  • Daank - Wallpapers and artwork
  • We are no longer supporting our own Gapps.. instead we ask that you use the Gapps found at
  • AOSP build based on 4.0.4 compiled by me
  • ImoseyON Lean Kernel OC / UV with OC'd GPU support for init.d and swap support - Credit Imoseyon
  • Performance Settings - Credit CM / Jrummy16 / Kejar31 / Stevespear426
  • GUI manageable init.d scripts tweaks - Credit Jrummy16 / Kejar31
  • Customisable SystemUI tweaks - credit Xoomdev / Syaoran12 / Kejar31
  • Battery % always available in the lockscreen (now with the option to turn on and off) - Credit Syaoran12
  • Faster rotation initiation - Credit XoomDev / Kejar31
  • T9 Dialer - Credit CM
  • Quad Lockscreen with open customizable seats, AOSP Lockecreens and Rings Lockscreens
  • Customizable battery icons options ( Hide, miui, stock, fat battery with %, side bar with % and circle)
  • Softkeys can be turned on and off(only for G-Nex)
  • LED settings - credit Romanbb
  • ApexLauncher - credit Android Does
  • Pulldown Widgets - credit - CM
  • Quiet Times - credit - CM
  • Automatic Backlight - credit - CM
  • OI FileManager (compiled with the ICS SDK)
  • Softkey Mod and settings - Credit XoomDev / Icons - WJD Designs
  • FaceBook contact sync - Credit Roman
  • AOSP Wifi tether enabled
  • Busybox
  • Su and Superuser apk - Credit ChainsDD
  • Android Term - Credit jackpal
  • Stk
  • Livewallpapers compiled and included
  • Custom Gummy live wallpaper
  • Boot Animations sounds - credit team Bamf
  • AppWidgetPicker - credit boombuler
  • Rom Toolbox - Jrummy16
  • Root Browser - Jrummy16
  • All png's are optimized during build via CM script and PNG Crunch
  • Compcache support
What's not working:
  • nothing :)
ChangeLog ROM:
  • <0.7.6
  1. Removed from the changelog to save space
  • 0.8.1
  1. updated to Imosoeyons latest Kernel
  2. ApexLauncher .7 - credit Android Does
  3. Full list of new features can be found here
  • 0.8.2
  1. updated to Imosoeyons latest Kernel 2.4.1
  2. Full list of new features can be found here
  • 0.9.0
  1. updated to Imosoeyons latest Kernel 2.7
  2. Full list of new features can be found here
  • 1.0.0
  1. updated to Imosoeyons latest Kernel 3.2
  2. Full list of new features can be found here
  • 1.0.1
  1. updated to Imosoeyons latest Kernel 3.2.2
  2. Full list of new features can be found here
Credit / Thanks:
  • Birdman and co for releasing his Rootz Boat which I used as a guide to get this up and going without his initial hard work there is no way I would have had this up an running in two days
  • ChainsDD for su and superuser
  • Xoomdev for all his assistance and answering my stupid questions
  • RomanBB for all his help and assistance
  • CyanogenMod for all they do and the way they make everything available to all of us
  • for hosting our files
  • Android Does, for letting us use their launcher in our ROM
  • Download the ROM
  • Download Gapps
  • adb reboot recovery
  • wipe data in CWM
  • install ROM
  • install gapps
  • reboot
  • None ATM
Updates / Fixes:
  • None ATM

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Do Market purchases work? That's almost the last bug on Birdman's 4.0.3.

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This is exactly the kind of ROM I'm looking for. Straight up stock with no under the hood additions I don't want. Since my computer is being retarded, I shall use this

One question, what's the difference between the gapps here and birdmans?

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lol guys we didn't go anywhere.. Its Christmas week and we have three kids... We will be taking a honeymoon in the spring when we can go hiking

Really I spent most of the day shopping with the wife (about 8 hours of it) lol

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Kejar31 said:
Yes.. this gapps is based on birdmans so its included

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Do market purchases work?

Wondering if this is a general 4.0.3 issue... Not working on Birdman's ROM.

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wow, all my fav devs from the DX are putting stuff out for the GN so fast!
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