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Galaxy Note 10.1 TB Restoring Data Problem Help!

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Hey everyone! I really need your serious help because i was on Hp touchpad with cm9 also rooted so I got new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 note tablets... So I use TB since year ago, I backup the app with data (save game) left off, so I went on pc for copy tb file from hp to pc and then I put tb file to samsung galaxy 10.1 is now rooted also... TB launch and restore it... The App with data working then i went to game... the data save game is gone but not apk.. i repeated over 8 times to make sure everything what i do also i do uninstallled and restailled this sht still not working so I have start all over again...

Help I need to get my data game put to samsung galaxy to get work i still have save tb on pc anyone have issue about that??
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