Android Wear is a companion software for your smartphone, making it easier to access notifications, do google searches, and other things, all without having to take out your phone. Since this software is only limited to a few things, some developers looked at expanding the functionality of Android Wear, including games, productivity, and other things.

One man, Corban Davenport, has taken this to the extreme by showing off Windows 95 running on his Samsung Gear Live. This was very poorly executed and it had many bugs that came with it. However, his latest mod brings a Gameboy Color Emulator to Android Wear, and it is virtually bug free. For controlling games on the small screen, you need a Bluetooth controller such as a Moga.

For those feeling up to the challenge of reliving their childhood on a watch of their own, Davenport has provided a guide on how to do it. The main caveat though is you'll need to be able to use ADB. Be warned, the guide isn't specific to the emulator. It will allow you to run any Android app on your smartwatch with a few restrictions.

Is this a good idea to play Gameboy games on your watch? It might be a fun gimmick to show off to your nerd friends, but in my opinion it would be much easier to just pull out your phone and play games and keep your watch on your wrist. What are your thoughts?

Source: Android Authority, Andrew Grush (Google Plus)