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GamerGirlXXX is an editor over at posts GREAT pics on Twitter...@GamerGirlXXX...follow her....if GizmoFusion's FB page gets 40 more likes today she will post a new pic....sooooo....EVERYBODY: Go HERE and like the GizmoFusion FB page...NOW! LOL <3
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Allow me to do my impression of her, "I'M ATTENTION WHORING AND SHOWING MYSELF NAKED. YOU GUYS ARE DISGUSTING AND BLOCKED FOR SHOWING ME YOUR WANGS." Oh and click on all of my ads and retweet them everyday. If you do, that'd be awesome please because you're wrapped around my finger because I'd like to use you guys to make money.

I don't have the voice quite down, but I'll work on it. I also ended the quotes a little early for some reason and didn't felt like leaving it in to give me extra fluff to type in a non hostile manner.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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