Gaurav Seth (GSeth in the Play Store), of 3Dion, Viby, Ruggy and Circlons fame (not to mention several other icon packs and widgets) released his latest creation Thursday, Vion.

themed icon and unthemed iconVion features glyphs with an embossed plastic-like effect applied to them and unthemed icons simply provide a circular base with the same embossed effect, with the glyph placed in the center. Vion makes its debut with a whopping 2,375 icons and growing, and 57 cloud-based HD wallpapers, all of which have a sort of crescent-shaped brush stroke texture applied to them (you'll see what I mean in my screenshots later in this review).

As for the dashboard app, it's a customized Addie Baker (BigDX) template. It includes a left slide-out panel with the usual options ("Home", "Apply", "Wallpapers", "Icons", "Request Icons", "Rate/Review", "More Themes" and "Help") and an overflow menu containing "Contacts", "G+ Community", "Changlog" (yes, you read it right, "Changlog"), "Settings" and "About". The icon request tool works by swiping away the apps you don't want to request icons for.

As a free addon, you can get matching Vion Widgets for free from the Play Store, which I've included in the screenshots below. I should note that you'll need Zooper Widget Pro ($2.49 in the Play Store) to take advantage of these widgets. Also, when you look closely you can see the texture effect in the included wallpapers.

I also found a scenic Wallbase wallpaper (which you can find here) that complements the icon pack well, in case you want to use something other than one of the included wallpapers.

If you like glyph-shaped icons with vivid colors and an embossed appearance, you'll love Vion icons and you'll be happy to know that Gaurav keeps his icon packs updated. It's well worth the $1.99 asking price.

The Vion icon pack is available for $1.99 in the Play Store.

The Vion icon pack is available for $1.99 in the Play Store.​