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thejondude and dsb9938 present (after a million painful hours):

BAMF Forever Cubed 1.0.9

(And yes, the pull down is animated so it's not very clear.)

Credits: I always start with jcase, he was the one who got me into all this, and he still continues to help when I need it. Next are my android/BAMF parents Adrynalyne (the real brains in the pair) and ThatDudeButch (the crazy one!). They first and foremost created the base for this, BAMF Forever. But secondly, they always help me when I hit a wall. Thanks also to erishasnobattery for all of his assistance, and ihtfp69 for tolerating my stoopid questions. Beyond that, thanks to gadget! for his graphics assitance throughout the thing. I would also like to thank all the people out there who had ideas I may have used, and anybody else who helped. As always, there was a lot of help along the way, if I forgot anybody it was by mistake, let me know and I will add you.

Now, what is this? This is the lastest BAMF Forever (1.0.7) tweaked all to hell and loaded with MODs and theming. If you liked the Froyo Cubed ROM I did, you'll love this one. Also included are all recent fixes, and the fix for the security hole just reported. I hope you like it.

DO NOT ASK IF YOU NEED TO WIPE, the install script is going to wipe whether you like it or not!


This will wipe your phone, make a backup! This will wipe your phone, make a backup! This will wipe your phone, make a backup!

Change Log:

1.0.8 - As per Adrynalyne
Gtalk video is 100% fixed. No more inverted ffc.
Stock app should be properly sized.
A lot of under the hood fixes and enhancements.

Fixed squashed camera (thanks eris)
Updated build.prop to show proper build version
Enabled sip over everything, I think. Not just wifi.


Splash Screen
MD5: edc9df8cc589ec08225a7807dc866602

BAMF Forever Cubed 1.0.9 Patch Requires 1.0.8 first!
MD5: b184dfe04602e9327a4a0631dc386333

BAMF Forever Cubed 1.0.8
MD5: ca75b01cc8981b457efb4b721b386474

BAMF Forever Cubed 1.0.7
MD5: 35f6210e9d943756eaecb400c24ba02c

Stock Splash


Everything for 1.0.7 should work fine for 1.0.8 at this time.

Cubed Static Pulldown Animation <--This works best with white, gray, and black notifications. I am working on an animated one that works too.

Colored Squares Pulldown Animation

Turning Gears Pulldown Animation

Cubed Stock Pulldown Animation

Cubed Zipper Pulldown Animation


I see nothing wrong with the stock one, but if you would like to tweak it, I run this one: imoseyon


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Haven't had any problems so far. Enjoying this rom. Installed imo's lean kernel on here and had no problems. I will put it to the test for power consumption when I am at work tomorrow.

Seems to be a solid rom, I look forward to using the ROM for a while.

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nsmac84 said:
Noob question here. Can someone remind me how I can install the splash screen?
Edit the splash to splash1.img
put in folder
turn it into zip then
rename to

place on root of sd card(not in a folder)
boot to bootloader,
You will see
update splash,
Select yes update splash,
Wait, when you are done
select reboot

Just like updating the radio
That is the way i do it.
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