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[GB][2.11.605.5][Sense3.5]BAMF SoaB v1.04

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BAMF Son of a Bliss v1.04

Credits: The RCMix Team and Samuel especially for a great base and all the input! Adrynalyne for providing moral support and figuring out that apparently HTC uses a "calibration" file for Wifi now. He saved my phone from certain death. The boys from IRC and gTalk who tried it out for me and kindly alerted me to my inability to actually fix things.

This ROM is based off of:
  • 2.11.605.5 - Barely...
  • 1.26.605.6 HTC Rhyme Shipping RUU
  • RCMix 3D Runnymede (Bluetooth Drivers.)
What you will find in features:
  • Sense 3.5
  • Custom Notification Bar (Thanks Ihtfp for the extra toggles and guidance!)
  • All new BAMF Settings!
  • Reboot Options
  • HTC Hub
  • HTC Notes
  • HTC Watch
  • Lots of Pink

  • Adrynalyne's 3++ Kernel (as compiled by...hell I don't know, whoever compiled it last
  • Completely redone BAMF Settings
  • Launcher Hotswap (Thanks to JonMS for the orginal mod)
  • Quick Settings Defaults and Rosie Remap (courtesy of Ihtfp)
  • Disable Rosie Unlock Animation (using the Romanbb method from the MyTouch 4G)
  • Added CM File Manager
  • Added ROM Stats. Please opt-in, it's to satisfy my own curiosity.
  • Too much more to list
  • Fixed inverted FFC in Video Chat apps
  • Revamped Camera app
  • Removed boot lock for SD mount - It will now boot faster, but I highly recommend you let it settle before you unlock it or you're going to have problems.
  • Discovered some serious problems with Mail accounts. See Below for more information.
  • Market Version of VVM included for now.
  • 4G Fixed Correctly
  • End Call Bug should be gone again
  • SRS working
  • VM Number retained after reboot
  • Google Voice Set-up works (Still have to forward your number)
  • Framework Tweaks
  • SMS Tweaks
v1.01 (Patch)
  • Fixed slow data speeds
  • My Verizon/Verizon apps back
  • Task widget back
  • BT Audio working - all credit on this to Cmo220! Thanks man!
  • Everything. Literally. 100% new base.
  • BAMF Settings
  • Custom Notification pulldown
  • Picasa still requires the workaround in the notes.
  • Charm nonsense removed. Should help with battery.
  • No more FC on Settings Shortcuts
  • Removed all the non-functional Pen settings/apps.
  • Weather now defaults to Fahrenheit.
  • Baked in Screenshots - Thanks Ihtfp69!
  • FM Radio working
  • Added Accurate battery - Framework Courtesy of Adrynalyne, images courtesy of Ihtf69
  • Workaround for Picasa - see notes.
  • VVM should now install from market.
  • Couple of other minor annoyances fixed
  • Initial Release
Changelog for Themes/Mods:

I recommend you make changes ONLY to a base ROM, and that you encourage users to return all settings to stock before flashing mods. ie. Don't make a mod for the Rezound launcher, then flash it while running the Rezound launcher. Settings will get all messed up and features will probably not work.
  • There is now a fusionrun.apk (handles fusion tasks for the Rezound/Runnymede Launcher)
  • There is now a Rosierun.bak (The actual Launcher for Rezound/Runnymede)
  • Idlescreen_Base.apk has Smali changes.
  • Rosie.apk has Smali changes.
  • SystemUI.apk has Smali changes.
  • android.policy.jar
  • services.jar
Instructions to install:

  • Download ROM
  • Copy to SD Card
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Did you Wipe Data?
  • Install ROM
  • Enjoy!
Some Important Notes and Tips:
  • If you use Picasa, make sure you upload a photo from the phone BEFORE you sign into your google account. This will prompt you to sign in and save the credentials for the future. If you don't follow these steps, it won't work!
  • If you feel the need to "borrow" my work, please don't without my consent. I literally have 3 weeks straight in getting data, BT and WiFi working. I will be more than happy to point anyone in the right direction though.
  • To change the quick launch widgets on the home screen, press anywhere on the home screen and drag it to the bottom left "edit" icon. From there you will be able to pick and choose which apps you want for your quick launch widgets.

    Known Issues - if its listed here DO NOT ask about it in the thread:
    The following issues are known about and they are being worked on. Before you post an issue with this rom, you must be on a clean install. If you have not performed a clean install, then your issue cannot be considered valid.

    Some things that are just the nature of the beast:
    • SD Card Mounting
      - This comes with the advent of the 3LM device encryption that was introduced (it was here before, but not implemented) in Sense 3.5. This is similar encryption as to what is used in Blackberries that has made them so popular among corporate clients. With Blackberry on the downturn, Android, and more specifically HTC, is trying to get up to the standards set by RIM in an apparent attempt to pick up their business. Unfortunately, it is tied into nearly every aspect of the framework and apps and nearly impossible to disable without causing major issues down the line. I have done everything reasonable (and one not so reasonable thing) to make it work for as many folks as possible. If you are having problems with it, I would recommend you try a different SD card. My 32GB Sandisk Class 4 has no problems. I've also had good luck with an 8GB Samsung class 2.
      - If you experience the problem, unmounting and remounting the SD card will fix the issue.
    • Exchange policies
      - This also goes along with the increased security measures HTC is trying to implement. The EAS policies on Sense 3.5 are about 100 times stricter than they ever were before. Can I bypass them? Probably. I'm not going to do that though. They are there for a reason. Your company feels that they are needed for their safety, and I'm not in any position to tell them otherwise. You always have trade-offs when you run a rooted device, and in this case, your ability to have fancy battery icons, may prevent you from getting HTML emails from work. In my opinion, if your phone is that mission critical to your life, you should have either left it alone, or get a second.
    • Superuser errors
      - Ah the cost of progress. The SuperUser team is working hard to get an updated, more intuitive product to you. Unfortunately, it's making it a major pain in the arse to keep it up to date from version to version. If you get force closes, go into the app, and update the binaries. After a reboot, everything should be good.
    • NEW - Mail Accounts
      - While trying to figure out some of the syncing problems with Mail and settings not being retained, I found another major oopsy. I don't know if it's the mail app, or the accounts themselves, but if you use the "Gmail", "Yahoo", "Hotmail", etc... Accounts, you will have a number of problems.
      • None of them will sync properly
      • If you set options for one, they will be transferred to all of them and vice versa
      • Gmail will always BCC you when you reply
      • Hotmail will never delete on the server
      • Basically, it's a huge cluster f.
      I recommend you use the regular "Mail" account type and set your accounts up that way. Everything is smooth sailing that way. Unfortunately, to do this, you have to wipe data because in addition to the other issues, the accounts also won't delete. Yay HTC!
    • Burst Mode Force Closes Camera.
    • WiFi drops out
    • Mobile Hotspot won't connect - I'm still working on this.
    • Included VVM may or may not function
    • Using the alternate Lockscreen causes the notification bubbles on HTC shortcuts to look funny.
    • Using the alternate Launcher causes the notification bubbles on HTC shortcuts to look funny.
    • Switching Launchers will cause any non-HTC widgets to disappear from the home screen and be replaced with "Problem loading Gadget"
    • Switching Launchers *may* cause Sense Widgets to disappear from the personalize menu. You can either Clear data on HTC Sense (loses home screen settings) or access them from the "Browse All HTC Widgets".
    • Some hub skins cause weird graphical errors.
    • HTC mail app - email portrait body preview reverts back to 2 lines after changing it
    DOWNLOAD v1.04

    Link: BAMF SoaB v1.04
    MD5: 6756bb74cd317ab90e0dcced0ab9b3f9

    -Full wipe ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. If you do not wipe, you are an idiot.

    Like my work? Donate
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Imoseyon 3.80 Kernel for SoaB ROM ONLY

Imoseyon 4.0.1 Kernel for SoaB ROM ONLY
- It's worth noting, I'm getting a lot of Data drops on this kernel. I don't know why.

nerozehl's Dream Kernel 2.9.0 for SoaB ROM ONLY

DoubleShot Style Camera with correct resolutions

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This looks awesome. Downloading now! Thanks so much to BAMF and especially erishasnobattery. You guys are ridiculous.
Thanks, BAMF roms are my favorite. I have flashed others sense roms even cm7 but i keep coming to bamf . thanks for all your work
I just got BAMF 1.06 setup and now sense 3.5 is out!?!?! Ugh time to flash thank you!! :)
hopesrequiem said:
I just got BAMF 1.06 setup and now sense 3.5 is out!?!?! Ugh time to flash thank you!! :)
haha same here. Was loving 1.06 but cant pass this one up :D Thanks for the port
Just setup. Wow. Not perfect yet but wow. Amazing work guys. I love 3.5. Will love even more when its as fluid as .1.06
was just about to jump from CM7 to bamf forver 1.0.6 i wont. sense 3.5 here i come, thanks.
Extremely smooth, and clean. Can't wait till you guys get this into a usable build (Basically is now). Will most definitely be a daily driver.
Mustang302LX said:
Is the notification pulldown on 3.5 the same as on 3.0?
You mean appearance wise? Yes.

APK-wise, not even close.
Alright, time to play with Sense again, thanks! :grin3:
Also seems to be draining battery rather quickly. And im on WiFi too. 34 minutes off charger and I lost ten percent. 20 minutes screen on time
Great job! My new daily driver. I love sense.
I liked the alpha release. Time to try out the preview... I'm going to try and theme this :tongue2:
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