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Ok, I know this isn't finished, but I need to get this out there for folks. There will be bugs. This is not as polished as BAMF Forever. This is definitely a work in progress.

So what do we have? We have a continuance of erishasnobattery's work on the Doubleshot rom.



1.0.1 changes
Voicemail notifications
Changes in artwork (Thanks gadget!)
Accurate battery
--Sorry I ran out of time. I would have held off on release but I didn't want to make myself a liar (I promised a release today)

1.0.2 changes (In progress)
Working MMS (thanks dsb for the help in finding the problem)
Working BT audio and BT voice commands
Wake on Volume
Possibly? killed call answer bug (thanks erishasnobattery)
Mostly depinked (thanks thejondude)
Cleaned up notification bar (thanks thejondude)
Working Hotspot (you must pay! Turn on from quick Settings, Configure from Settings >Wireless & Settings)
Working BAMF Settings (as far as I know)

1.0.3 changes
Fixed themes killing the rom when switching
Music player is back
About Phone, Identity now reads 'HTC Thunderbolt'

1.0.4 changes
Emergency patch, fixes 4G, reverts call answer bug fix attempt.

What (known) does not work
  • Camera Burst mode is busted
  • Changing themes may kill the Launcher. Looking into it...


Download: <<<<MUST WPE DATA>>>>
MD5: 9120CAEB5C101CEC25BD57E3E8E6988D

Download: <<<<MUST WPE DATA>>>>
MD5: 0DD5D63C41B5438289CE1553A9F4C777

Download: <<<<MUST WPE DATA>>>>
MD5: 47FB46BDDB5F1C8D250F3452B4320A0C

MD5: 9023384D184534E338FE799B2F1D6925

1.0.4 <<<<Patch>>>
MD5: 2F7E0783B68A0C00718BF5AC38544CF6


2.1 answer screen for those with the call answer bug

3.0 answer screen for those who want to go back

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GoldenCyn said:
What's so great about double shot? Forever rocks!

sent from my Motorola Skytel
One nice thing about DoubleShot is for those people that like landscape view, the base ROM is already designed to fully support both orientations. You'll see why here:

Forever is a solid ROM as well, but if landscape is a requirement for you, this is the one to keep checking up on.

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Hi Adrynalyne, great work and thanks for this. I heard the myTouch 4G Slide uses a modified Sense 3.0. Does this ROM avoid getting the call answer bug then? Or does it still suffer from the Sense3.0 lockscreen answer bug?
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