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45Wheelgun said:
Dropped my phone yesterday, cracked the screen. The phone still functions. Asurion is sending me a replacement on Tuesday.

I want to make sure I do this correctly. Here is my plan, please feel free to correct me....

1. Backup old phone using My Backup Root / Titanium Backup and then a Nandroid backup.

2. Put old memory card in new phone.

3. Root new phone

4. restore nandriod backup and hopefully not need Mybackup Root or Titanium Backup - backups.

5. Unroot old phone.

Is that about it? Am I missing anything?

Also I rooted very early (got my phone on release day). I am not even sure which method I used then. What is the current "best" way to root a TB?

Anything special about "unrooting" the old one before I send it back?

Thanks for everything,

Very surprised that they are replacing your phone for a cracked screen, they normally don't cover that under your warranty if the phone still functions

Swyped Thunder coming at you
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