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alershka said:
I posted this on another forum but really didn't get too much direction so I'm hoping that someone here might be able to shed some light on this...

Since TBH released the first GB leaks for the DX, I've noticed that restoring a nandroid (taken via CWM while my system running gingerbread) via CWM does not work like it did with Froyo.

I've tried the following and neither seems to work for me:
* clear user data, format system then restore backup
* clear user data, install .596 deodex, restore backup

In both cases, when the system boots up, I am faced with non stop force closes and a basically unusable phone.

What I have been doing is : clear user data, install .596 deodex, custom restore of user data

This works for the most part but I still have to go in and restore some system settings, re-remove blur bloat, reinstall imoseyon patch, re-edit prop files, etc. Am I missing something or is there some sort of incompatibility with CWM and gingerbread?

I am running the DroidX version of bootstrapper, with USB debugging turned off. The version number is I am running version of ClockworkMod and according to ROM Manager, it is up to date. However, when I hit All ClockworkMod Recoveries in Rom Manager, I am presented with four versions with higher version numbers.

Any thoughts?
The only time I have noticed this is when restoring a stock nandroid from ApeX... I get the same force closes. So what I started doing is, while in clockworkmod recovery, I restore the backup and immediately flash the .596 zip from TBH. That seems to work. Haven't had to restore a nandroid of a Tom on GB though.

Also, fwiw, Droid X Bootstrapper has give lots of people problems. I would recommend using Droid 2 Bootstrapper instead. I have also heard that Rom Manager has been giving people problems on DXaince its inception. I have never used it, so can't help there.

Stomped from my DX
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