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The black hat app has droid pro gingerbread and P3 you done great on this one,it is awesome,I have noticed on the last 2 updates that has came out (the 3807,and gingerbread) that the bootanimation is quieter,wonder what happened, why did moto or big red make the sound lower?,how can i raise the sound above the stock bootanimation that comes with it? Thanks again P3 and TBH,oh and by the way use Gingerbreak on your droid pro or droid x2 and also droid 2 global for rooting it will work,hasnt let me down yet on rooting.

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Kaos2flo said:
I used the same process to root it, got the superuser icon but couldn't get any of the rooted apps to work. Like root explorer, barnacle wifi, and screen off and lock. Does any of your root apps work?
open up terminal, type this
<br />
su<br />
rm /system/app/Superuser.apk<br />
rm /system/bin/busybox<br />
rm /system/xbin/su<br />
rm /system/bin/su<br />
then re-run the d3 root
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