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2fast4u88 said:
I am pretty sure you are on my gtalk list. How ever as I said it will come and it has come. Bumping a thread and pretty well complaining won't get anywhere. To the ones of us that do play with the phones. We do it for fun, not to owe anything.

How ever here is cm booting......

There has been a lot of saying we are working on it, it booted and a lot of other stupid crap. Where nothing was shown for it. The only thing that has been shown was by drell with his recovery's and kernels. Where he claimed to have cm booting where I never seen it and never got it to build with his stuff. In turn I have been the only one trying to give you guys stuff with not one bit of help from another person but lohp and testers.

With that said I did the device folder from scratch and went through finding all the blobs needed. The kernel I am unsure if it is my aosp, sense or drell's one. How ever even though it boots the touchscreen doesn't work. Where the device folder and blobs were based on the inc2 with ours slapped in where needed. Where I am unsure at the moment if it is a blob or the kernel. Which I want to say it is the kernel where I am not good with.
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