Prolific themer Will Windham (aka Stealthychief) just released his latest icon pack Pulse mere hours before this writing, and it's in keeping with his years-old tradition of well-designed icons. At first, you might notice a certain similarity to Neon Glow by Samer Zayer, but I've been chatting with both of them since their packs were in beta and it's clear to me that they both just had similar concepts and developed them concurrently and independently.

As I mentioned in a side-by-side comparison in Google+, there are some subtle yet significant differences between the two themes. Pulse icons are set against a lighter background, made even more subdued by the blurrier glow effect of the app logos. Also, the Pulse backgrounds appear to have more of a pillow-like effect compared to the flat ones in Neon Glow. It's a look that suits Stealthychief well, as the app logos have the vibrant colors his themes are known for. Unthemed icons simply place the app logo in the center with a radial gradient effect beginning with a random color and ending with the dark edge of the icon background.

As for the app, it's another Addie Baker (BigDX) special - it has the usual hamburger menu on the left with "Home", "Apply", "Wallpapers", "Icons", "Rate Theme" (takes you directly to the Play Store), "More Themes" and "Contact". "Home" contains the overview of the theme and a preview of a similar theme called Vibe. "Apply" takes you to a list of featured launchers, though it's only a subset of all of the supported launchers. The complete list is found in the Play Store description:

• Nova Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Action Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Next Launcher 3D
• GO Launcher EX
• Aviate
• Smart Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• TSF Shell
• Inspire Launcher
• Solo launcher
• Themer
• Unicon (Icon Themer)
• Desktop Visualizer

"Wallpapers" contains 10 high-res wallpapers with a cloud-based chooser, which will make adding more a simple matter of uploading them to the cloud server - no need to issue an app update. That said, Stealthychief has a policy of updating his recent icon packs weekly, and Pulse also has Muzei support. "Icons", "Rate Theme" and "More Themes" should be self-explanatory. I will point out, however, that "More Themes" includes Stealthychief's other icon packs, keyboard skins, Next Launcher themes, Go SMS themes, Go Keyboard themes, Go Contacts themes and widgets. As you can see, he's a very prolific themer.

The "Contact" button contains links to his Google+, Facebook and Twitter profiles along with a quick email field. The icon request tool is found in the overflow menu on the right, and it allows you to swipe away apps that you're not requesting icons for. This narrows the list of requests the themer has to field, making it more likely that the apps you really want themed will be included in one of the weekly updates. Settings can also be found in the overflow menu, allowing you to choose an app theme, clear the app's cache and view the latest Pulse changelog.

You can keep current on all of the projects and updates Stealthychief is working on by following him in Twitter, circling him in Google+ or visiting his Facebook page. You can also join his Google+ community or visit his website. Pulse is another icon pack I highly recommend, well worth the $1.99 price.

Pulse is available for $1.99 in the Play Store

Pulse is available for $1.99 in the Play Store​